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Anywhere Connect

Want to achieve more without sacrificing your personal well-being? Check Anywhere Connect – a desktop extension of the well-known Connect app, that will provide you with access to detailed reports on productivity, share insights-based recommendations, find useful tips on managing time, and many more. Share your email and be among the first to explore Anywhere Connect.

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Manage your time efficiently

Monitor your activities with Anywhere Connect to get the most value of your time, understand your productivity habits and boost your performance without sacrificing your personal wellbeing.


Visualized work patterns

See a detailed report on your activities to understand how much time you spend on Producing, Research, Collaboration.


Trends overview

Get a quick overview of your performance trends to achieve better work-life balance and stay productive.


Personalized recommendations

Get insights-based, personalized recommendations on the ways to increase your productivity.

“Ordinary people think merely of spending time, great people think of using it.” — Arthur Schopenhauer

Connect with the right people, skills and expertise


Find the right person in one click

Need to ask a question but not sure who is the right contact point? Anywhere Connect suggests you relevant team members based on their job function, skills, location, and stream.


Navigate project streams seamlessly

Keep up to date on who is doing what on each project stream to effectively collaborate on the tasks and align project work excellently.

Anywhere Connect with right peopleAnywhere Connect with right people
Anywhere Connect profileAnywhere Connect profile

Other features to be released soon


Monitoring of action points

Get a full picture of the actions you need to perform. Anywhere Connect aggregates notifications from internal systems and tools serving a single entry point to the necessary services.


Service health status updates

Stay up to date on the health status of the systems you’re working with to avoid downtime due to planned maintenance.


Compensation tracking

View your compensation history aggregated in one place. EPAMers with hourly pay can also understand how much they can earn following improved productivity patterns.


Learning recommendations

Receive personalized advice on the events to visit, educational materials to explore, and communities to join.


Project work overview

Get a full picture of your contribution to the project sprints - check the number of tasks you’ve closed and their priority.


Work quality visualization

Understand the quality of your work with comprehensive information about reopened tasks, linked bugs, rewrite commits, etc.

How it works

  • Share your email to get the setup link once the app goes live
  • Download the app to your PC
  • Start the app when you set to work
  • Get a sense of your time distribution patterns
  • Receive insights-based recommendations
  • Achieve increased productivity and better work-life balance
Anywhere Connect how it worksAnywhere Connect how it works

Contribute to the project and company success

With Anywhere Connect, you can increase your productivity, achieve better work-life balance, and make valuable contribution to your career growth. Register for the app and boost your own and the company's success.

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