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Big Data Analytics in the Telecom Industry: Role, Benefits and Opportunities

Find out the role of big data in telecommunication, advantages for different industry areas and opportunities to increase customer satisfaction while cutting costs. Click to read!

7 min


How to Build a Fintech App: Complete Guide for Your Startup

Find out the main features, types and examples of a fintech application. Learn the development steps and cost to build a fintech app successfully. Click to read!

13 min


How to Make a Shopping App for Your Online Store: Android and iOS Guide

Find out all the features, steps and cost of shopping application development. We share our experience for your online store to rock. Click to read!

17 min


How to Hire Remote Developers: Looking for the Right Way

Wondering how to find and successfully hire a reliable development team or a developer? Find out our guide on the hiring process and crucial points you should note. Click to read!

4 min


How to Launch an MVP: A Minimum Viable Product for Your Successful Startup

Find out how to launch a minimum viable product and succeed with your project. Save time and money, collect end-user feedback, and finally get an outstanding result. Click to read!

16 min


Tips on How to Manage a Remote Development Team

Wondering how to effectively manage remote software developers? We share our experience to ensure productivity, great communication and smooth work of your team. Click to read!

4 min


Retail and Image Recognition: Big-bet Technology for Your Business Growth

Check out the key tasks, benefits, challenges, and gainful use cases of image recognition in the retail market. Click to read.

10 min


Big Data in Banking Leads Your Business Growth

Check out the benefits, challenges, and case studies of big data in the banking sector to get how to improve your customers’ experience and reduce risks. Click to read.

15 min


IoT in Retail: Revolutionizing Customer Experience with the Internet of Things

Check out a complete guide in using the internet of things in the retail industry: benefits, IoT use cases, applications and successful examples to capture opportunities for your retail business. Click to reveal.

16 min


How to Build a Telemedicine App: Features, Development Steps and Cost

Check out our complete guide on how to make a telehealth platform with key features, monetization tips and step-by-step development process. Click to read.

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Software Development Outsourcing: Pros and Cons

Check out the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing software development. You will learn more about advantages and disadvantages. Click to read.

Industry expertise / 13 min


Big Data in eCommerce

Find out the benefits and challenges of big data applications in eCommerce. Learn how to use big data for your success in eCommerce. Click to read!

Industry expertise / 6 min


AI in Fintech: How Technologies Can Improve the Industry

Check out the benefits and use cases of fintech and AI to comprehend its potential for the financial sector. Click to read.

career / 10 min


Computer Vision in Healthcare: Use Cases, Examples and Future

Check out the benefits, examples and application of computer vision in medicine and how you can change the healthcare industry with it. Click to read.

Industry expertise / 10 min