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EPAM Anywhere Business gives you experienced Python developers to jump in your project and take on the challenge with the best app development practices.

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    Software development from scratch
    Want to find Python programmers to build a project from scratch? EPAM Anywhere Business is second to none. All you need is to formulate your vision of a final product, and we will take care of the rest!
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    Migration that helps keep your system up-to-date
    If your existing computing resources are no longer sufficient to support your software or updates, we can help you migrate the existing system to a more powerful platform.
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    Integration opportunities that open new horizons
    We specialize in providing end-to-end integration between existing solutions and web services, helping create a uniform system with synchronized data and internal processes. This way, we can turn even the most basic solution into a powerhouse product or create a new unique multi-faceted product that works seamlessly and tackles workflow priorities with all the right tools.
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    Technical audit that streamlines performance
    We conduct a full audit of the employed technology stack and the program code of the existing solution and, if it’s necessary to provide better code readability, perform high-quality code refactoring. You may not know where the bug or some code conflict is hiding until savvy specialists with a profiled background get their hands on your system.

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Get a lot of benefits - rely on an outstaffing model (not freelance!) with EPAM Anywhere Business by hiring python developers who can handle a project of any complexity.

Fast launching of projectsFast launching of projects
Fast launching of projects

Forget about the time-consuming stretch of preparing for the app or web development project kick-off. Our senior specialists are able to launch a product on the market after only 6 months from the start of our cooperation! We have a well-formed pool of readily available specialists that jump into the project immediately with a set of well-worked-out practices, complete tech stacks, and a smooth workflow experience.
Top IT expertsTop IT experts
Top IT experts

Do you want to hire experienced Python developers who have worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies? We will help you set up your own ultimate development team based on one of the two proposed models: team extension and managed team. In the first option, you will manage the project yourself, and our specialists will do everything to become a native part of your team. In the second case, all management responsibilities will be on our side: we will assign tasks, implement the created solution, and take care of its delivery. Whichever model you choose from the proposed ones, you will always get specialists with affordable hourly rates whose expertise and soft skills are best suited for your project.
Best collaboration practicesBest collaboration practices
Best collaboration practices

Did you know that remote collaboration with third-party specialists can streamline your company's usual workflows? Our experts will organize an online meeting with representatives of your company to understand your problem and long-term business goals. In order to optimize the interaction, we will use the knowledge repository and verified virtual kanban boards to align tasks and prioritize them. To make the outstaffing model even more productive, we will also introduce tools to track the employees’ performance to re-delegate tasks in time if one of your team members does not cope with their work within the specified deadlines. This way, we guarantee that your project will be completed on time.
High quality of workHigh quality of work
High quality of work

Outstaffing helps improve the quality of work and manage risks, as you involve new experts with a fresh vision of the processes. For example, we use AI-powered automated quality tracking tools that predict the exact time to complete tasks. Also, we always strive to innovate collectively to make our collaboration even more productive. And of course, we constantly monitor possible risks, so if necessary, you will always receive prompt feedback and suggestions for improving the current situation.
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Our general purpose developers use many technologies, open-source frameworks, and programming languages in their work. We have everything it takes with an extensive dedicated tech stack.


Python frameworks for back end

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Pyramid
  • TurboGears
  • Falcon

Object-oriented template engines

  • Jinja2
  • Mako

Web design

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation

Web frameworks for front end

  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Angular

API creation

  • Django REST Framework

Virtual Private Servers (VPSs)

  • Linode
  • DigitalOcean
  • Lightsail


  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • Debugging
  • Code Metrics


We keep things subsequent and gradual in order to achieve consistent, long-running results, timely delivery of work, and compliance with our clients' expectations. Here's a detailed description of the hiring process at the EPAM Anywhere Business.


Hiring specialists

When you recruit a Python developer, we hand over the task to EPAM’s Staffing Desk to determine the level of specialists' knowledge to match them with your project requirements.


Onboarding for the core team

We find Python developers and then use our online onboarding module, customizing it according to the project needs based on business goals, industry specifics, required functionality, and performance.


Project workflow

Once all the requirements for the project and workflows are cleaк and agreed upon, our Python developers begin to complete their assigned tasks.


Quality check

Throughout developing and delivering a product, we constantly monitor its quality and optimize the performance and results of each of our specialists.


Consolidation and reporting

In order for you to fully understand how much time was spent on each of the subtasks of your project, we will provide you with a progress report at any time on your first request.


Technical support

If necessary, you can always contact our IT specialists who were involved in the software development process in order to update it or eliminate the problems that may have arisen.

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Python, together with the Django framework, allows you to create high-load, cost-effective online stores with the prospect of growing to marketplaces. We will apply our experience from creating projects for big businesses to create a modern and scalable platform for you.


Healthcare solutions

For projects in this niche, we actively apply advanced technology concepts such as machine learning and deep learning, which are perfectly implemented using Python. This allows you to quickly launch a patient prediagnosis solution or fully automate your healthcare center workflows.


FinTech Python

Using data science and other advanced IT concepts with the help of Python and Python-compatible software tools, we create powerful predictive analysis platforms for studying the financial aspects of the enterprises. Now you no longer need to rely only on your intuition in your business.


IoT solutions

PHP is an excellent programming language for dealing with large amounts of data, which is a key feature of IoT solutions. We work on projects ranging from simple to sophisticated, including smart cities. And now we're ready to share our knowledge and apply it to your company!

Product delivery with EPAM Anywhere Business differs



Even if we take on a small project or startup, you always get the widest pool of experienced developers and expertise gained in the projects of large companies and world-famous brands.



We have high corporate standards and best management practices that give excellent results, including for small projects.



Our experience helps startups and SMBs grow into top brands and corporations, all at prices for small companies.

Hire a dedicated software development team
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Are you looking to hire Python developers? No matter how long-term your project is – working with us, you never overpay while getting specialists with the appropriate expertise, even if the technology stack and/or architecture of your project is very complex or rare. Hundreds of our clients have been following this principle since 1993. Join them by starting cooperation with us!

DevOps injections for Bacardi

Bacardi required our specialist’s experience in developing to modernize the existing operating environment and build a DevOps automation platform, which resulted in:

  • a set of authentic custom services that can be conveniently reused across the brand’s field of operation
  • elimination of a number of previously existing errors, critical availability issues, serious overhead, and bottlenecks for smooth performance at all times
  • an AWS-powered automated DevOps platform that features automated smoke testing, blue-green deployments, and more
  • 16 times greater website deployment capacity and a 42% reduction in infrastructure costs
  • 99.5% availability and 128x faster onboarding of new websites (reduced from 8 days to 20 minutes.
Optimizing and enhancing education capacities of Sphero

Our dedicated team with EdTech expertise was engaged to both troubleshoot and enhance Sphero’s education platform, Sphero Edu, by optimizing UX and adding some new functionality, which resulted in:

  • thorough codebase optimization, full support of the system in production, and addition of numerous new features
  • newly-added class and content management tools and features that facilitate and streamline both user experience and administration
  • convenient progress reporting via PDF, notifications for users, and essential bug fixes for smooth work
  • a 39% boost in the number of regularly created classes and a 21% - in the number of assignments added to classes.
A novel genomics management-focused toolkit for Genosity

Genosity hired Python web developers to develop and deploy an Integrated Genomics Toolkit to enable both research and clinical genomics laboratories to generate and leverage next-generation sequencing (NGS) data, which resulted in:

  • full-on development and deployment of a novel tech solution
  • ultimate NGS workflow setting opportunities that make laboratories’ work easier and faster
  • leveraged genomic data management opportunities that bring long-term effects.

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