what is EPAM quality talent?

EPAM quality talent are our vetted software developers, DevOps, QA engineers, and other top technology experts who are there to make your project a success. Each of them has passed our rigorous recruitment process and keeps growing continuously to expertly handle our clients’ requests of any complexity. Get them onboard for your project to benefit from unique expertise forged in projects for Forbes Global 2000 clients across industries.

innovation with a human heart

As a global network of professionals with experience working with Forbes Global 2000 clients on top projects, we have all the necessary skills to deliver software solutions and consulting at any scale end to end. Selected through a rigorous recruitment and vetting process, EPAM quality talent immerses themselves in your challenges and adds a human touch to the technically complex solutions they provide.

30+ years of client satisfaction

We take quality seriously and are backed by 30+ years of EPAM experience and long-lasting client relationships. Our international team takes pride in providing personalized solutions to clients and showing true ownership and integrity.

hybrid work experts

With 400+ locations globally, we can supply you with an around-the-clock team of experts that combine their talents and work as a united team to accomplish your business objectives 24/7.

multi-competent teams

We scale with you and your project needs, serving as a hub of 100+ tech capabilities to build a multi-component team as your business requires. Our team can provide talent at all levels to meet technical requirements of any complexity.

build your remote team – available around the clock

We are competent in assembling fully remote and hybrid teams to support projects of all sizes. Our remote collaboration setup allows experts to work across multiple time zones and combine their talent to create compelling, creative, and technically complex solutions.

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how we match our talent seniority to your project

EPAM quality talent grows in an environment of expertly defined competency frameworks, career tracks, and supporting requirements for every stage of their development. From middle to senior to lead levels, titles are granted by proficiency levels of core and optional skills for each competency. All technical skills require a formal assessment process for the engineer to be eligible for the promotion to the senior level and up.

lead software developers

EPAM lead software engineers take on leading managerial roles in development teams and can not only mentor less experienced colleagues but also present, discuss and offer solutions to clients. They are experts in the entire breadth of their respective competencies, have advanced collaboration skills, and take on ownership of their work and subordinate teams.

expertly manage development processes

Our lead developers are not only skilled software engineers but also confident team managers delivering results to our clients.

confidently assure software quality and evaluate projects

With experience working on top EPAM projects, our lead developers are successful troubleshooters with a clear understanding and experience in different aspects of software testing, code quality metrics, and the use of automated tools.

assure direct contact and transparency with stakeholders

Able to plan work effectively and prioritize team tasks, EPAM quality lead developers can ensure clear communication between all parties involved.

lead software developers imagelead software developers image

senior software developers

EPAM senior software developers take on roles not only as engineers but also as consultants, managers and facilitators for less experienced colleagues. They specialize in several tech skills and show engineering excellence in most engineering processes and frameworks through troubleshooting, applying best practices, and developing security protocols and expert data structures.

senior software developers imagesenior software developers image

directly communicate with clients

With vast production experience gained in EPAM’s projects, our senior developers are experts in processing and refining requirements, as well as presenting results.

lead and supervise colleagues

EPAM quality senior developers actively participate in project meetings, supervise development processes, and present their own and team results.

have advanced knowledge in at least one technical area

Our senior developers are confident in making decisions in areas of responsibility and can provide solutions to an engineering problem, explaining its pros and cons.

middle-level software developers

EPAM quality mid-level developers possess intermediate knowledge of most engineering frameworks, protocols, and standards and intermediate competency in more than one software development skill. Across all levels, EPAM quality talent maintains a minimum of the B1 English proficiency level while being skilled self-managers and team players.

provide solutions through technical expertise

EPAM quality mid-level engineers have intermediate proficiency in at least one technical area of expertise and can provide working solutions to an engineering problem.

apply established engineering practices

Our mid-level talent has a basic knowledge of the software quality control process and intermediate knowledge of standard algorithms and data structures.

identify own dependencies and growth areas

With constant development and learning opportunities, our middle-level developers are skilled in problem-solving and working with established development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall).

middle-level software developers imagemiddle-level software developers image

how we hire EPAM quality talents

application submission
Applicants submit their CVs and pass a skill test for the tech competency they are applying for.
application prescreening
The hiring team reviews and verifies the location, experience and qualifications of the applicants, and invites selected applicants to the general interview.
general interview
The recruiter checks the candidate’s experience, cultural fit and claimed English proficiency to ensure they meet the position requirements.
technical interview
Our qualified technical interviewer checks the applicant’s technical skills, domain-specific knowledge and familiarity with frameworks and tools.

EPAM quality talent never stops growing

Our tech talent has all the resources available to develop and better their tech and soft skills. From regular training to assessments and mentorship programs, EPAM quality talent continuously evolves to provide world-class services to EPAM Anywhere Business’s clients.

  • prospects-flat.svg
    career development roadmaps
    EPAM specialists of all technical capabilities have access to a dedicated platform with visibility into career tracks and related requirements. They can plan their career targets, move towards them, and discover qualification needs for their career objectives. This allows all our employees to constantly move upwards in their sphere and learn more about all the prospective options for them.
  • skill-flat.svg
    technical assessments
    All-around assessments are available for all EPAM developers, managers, analysts, designers, and other professionals to continuously validate employee expertise, skills, and achievements and promote them to the next level of seniority. An assessment committee of experts is assembled within the employee’s area of expertise to ensure recognition of growth and an expert take on promotion decisions.
  • clients.svg
    skill advisory
    We provide skill advisory benefits to our in-house talent to empower their growth and development. Advisory service helps employees identify and fill knowledge gaps, accelerate personal and career growth, and get insight into career prospects.
  • certification-flat.svg
    Our mentorship program supports quality talents in their growth and exchange of valuable knowledge. This ecosystem of continuous development allows for expertise exchange between colleagues, makes the adjustment of new hires easier, and provides a platform to learn best practices from experienced EPAMers.

meet our featured quality talent

Ivan M.Lead System Engineer

Ivan has 12+ years of hands-on experience in administering, supporting, and designing Azure and Microsoft 365 services for enterprise environments. He is proficient in Azure Cloud infrastructure components and solutions, deployment, configuration, and design of high-availability clusters, frontend and backend services, and integrations.

Alexandra G.Systems Engineer

As a system engineer with extensive knowledge in advanced programming languages and 6+ years of experience in technical support roles ranging from System Administrator to DevOps, Alexandra is delivery-focused with a good understanding of customer needs. She is skilled in Linux/Unix, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD pipeline), and Agile.

Oleksandr D.Senior Systems Engineer

Oleksandr is a certified Kubernetes Administrator with hands-on experience in Docker and Kubernetes and Red Hat and AWS certifications. Some engineering practices he is skilled at include continuous delivery, development & maintenance, management and analysis, network administration, and container orchestration management.

Timofei S.Cloud Engineering Manager

Timofei has exceptional management skills, building, and leading effective teams. His operations management experience allows him to successfully align complex systems and large information units with the company’s strategic goals by setting Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Linux platforms, applying a wide range of open-source tools, and deploying code in public clouds.

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