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Telecom Solutions Development

Our talented dedicated development team with telecom industry experience knows how to build telecommunications software, serving as a trusted partner for startups, small businesses, and large communication companies from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Speed up your pioneering changes and grow your business with us.


We cooperate with communications suppliers to digitize their inner workings and to upgrade a telecommunications software services organization. We offer assistance for satellite operators, traditional providers, OTT and media suppliers with the most recent innovations and current trade models:
  • Network cloudification
  • IoT implementation
  • Cognitive systems and analytics
  • Support system modernization (BSS/OSS)
  • Telecom software development digital services
  • VoIP engineering
  • Communication aspects
Technology isn't just for tech corporations. Our development team is ready to design, build, and scale leading-edge platforms that will support our customer's next invention. We can produce top-line software telecom solutions to enhance workflows, streamline communication processes, and capture new markets for companies looking to add operational value.
The Scope of Software Telecom Usage
The main scopes of these networks can be identified from the point of view of their geographical provider expanse. They are:
  • Local area network (LAN)
    is a computer network that connects processors, mainly microcomputers, within a limited area, like a building or group of buildings.
  • Wide area network (WAN)
    is a network that connects computers across a wide geographical area.
  • Metropolitan area network (MAN)
    is a network that connects a sizeable geographic area, involving different LANs within a metropolitan area.
Telecom solutionsTelecom solutions
Telecom solutions IntegrationTelecom solutions Integration


Our technical expertise enables us to adapt and dependable APIs from global enterprise leaders to your current business telecom solutions to provide workflow capability.


We work with cloud connection platforms that provide speedy, easy, and scalable telephony methods for organizations to improve their business dealings.


We may provide risk telecom management software answers designed to help businesses operate and manage their expenses and assets efficiently.
Types of Telecom Software


  • Network Resources Inventory Supervision

  • Fault Telecom Management Software

  • Reliable verification and confirmation systems

  • Performance Supervision

  • Trouble Ticketing


  • CRM Systems

  • ERP Solutions

  • Billing Systems

  • Customer-Self Service Portals

  • Personnel Management Corporate Portals

Telecom typesTelecom types
Telecom solutions Types CustomersTelecom solutions Types Customers

Customers can manage their businesses in mark with the development and strive to produce entirely new business ways thanks to:

  • Custom web and mobile applications

  • Corporate portals

  • Comprehensive data analysis and reporting

  • Charging and billing systems transition

EPAM Anywhere Business can deliver a full-stack assistance offer in the industry, particularly:

  • Protocols: Bluetooth, Wifi, customized RF (radio frequency) solutions, 3G technology (UMTS, TD-SCDMA), 4G technology

  • Infrastructure: cloud-based IT networks, Voice over IP

  • Services: consumer billing (subscriptions, package deals, prepaid, etc.), customer service

Benefits of Telecom Solutions Development with EPAM Anywhere Business
Telecom solutions Benefit financialTelecom solutions Benefit financial

Media Transmission Companies Partnership

We can help you streamline network-centric components related to the operation of media transmission companies. Specifically, EPAM Anywhere Business offers assistance to make use of virtual or facilitated PBX switches and customized SIP clients, to benefit VoIP-based administrations.

Increased Financial Efficiency

Working with our dedicated team provides our customers with high-quality products and enables them to significantly increase their profits, which is what sets us apart from other outsourcing companies.

Automation of Methods and High-Level Code Development

This is essential to have a seamless process of the current base.  We strive to provide only the most efficient and technologically modern services in the field of procedure support systems.

Highly Skilled Developers

With long-term experience in the IT market, EPAM Anywhere Business team is offering its knowledge and training, and providing developers, including the area of telecom solutions. Our EPAM Anywhere platform allows us to bring IT professionals to engage with every industry represented on projects. Take the opportunity to start working with experts in their field and practice the benefits of partnering with us.
Telecom assistanceTelecom assistance
FAQ about telecom software development
You are always welcome to contact us with any inquiries regarding telecom software development.


EPAM Anywhere Business enables small and medium-sized businesses to quickly scale their team by leveraging EPAM’s highly-skilled professionals and delivering innovative technology solutions with enterprise-grade quality.

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