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Mobile App Development

EPAM Anywhere Business outsourcing mobile application development services allow our clients from all over the world to get a customized strategy and unlock the full range of mobile technology for their companies. We turn your ideas into apps quickly, efficiently, and within your budget.

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Android App Development

Your own Android-based application, developed by our team, will allow you to define your target audience accurately and achieve your marketing goals.

iOS App Development

The in-depth knowledge of the internal architecture and excellent technical understanding of iOS characteristics allows us to create user-friendly mobile solutions of high quality based on your order.

Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Choosing a cross-platform application, you get a product for several different platforms, but it is much faster and cheaper without losing quality. In this kind of mobile application development services, the experience of our technical team will allow us to use advanced modern technologies.


We know how to identify and solve clients' business problems. You can get qualified advice on mobile app development from our experts at your convenience. Together we will find the best solution for your project.

AB Mobile app developmentAB Mobile app development
The Scope of Mobile App Development
Mobile app users are becoming more and more demanding, and the market competition continues to grow as it overflows with offerings. With millions of product choices in the Apple Store and Google Play Market, being able to find your target audience with a new application is even more of a challenge. It's important to create an application that will stand out from the rest. The key to success in this field lies in the ability to meet not only the general, but also the individual needs of the modern user, as well as approach mobile app development the right way. That's why we advise hiring professionals from outside your organization, like our talented IT specialists, to suggest and deliver the best mobile application development solutions. During the life cycle of every project, there are three main tasks to be accomplished: what, how, and when it will be done. We start with the technical assignment, paying attention to the customer's requirements.
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Here we always stick to our unswerving rule: to find a common language with our clients, taking into account their goals and voiced ideas. This allows them to understand and refine their vision to the maximum, saving time and money. To make our clients understand the transparency of the work process, our team informs them about every stage of any mobile application development services we provide, makes reports, shows the results, tests and, finally, demonstrates the final product. With coordinated efforts and interaction between the technical staff and the client, we can provide a perfect result, which meets all the requirements. Today's world of technology makes it easier and faster to bring any mobile app to life. When choosing how to come with mobile software development, it is important to understand what you expect from the application. The right mobile application development solution will allow your business to expand its presence in the market, and get ahead of the competitions.
Types of Mobile Software Development
Along with sorting by purpose, mobile apps that we can develop for you can be classified by the features of their operation.

Native App Development

This type of mobile software development is native to operating systems. Such applications are programmed in programming languages approved by software developers for each specific platform, and therefore are organically embedded in the operating systems themselves. The main advantage of native apps is that they are optimized for specific operating systems and therefore work correctly and quickly.

Hybrid Apps

Mobile app generators, also known as hybrid apps, allow developers to deal with cross-platform apps that are close in functionality and quality to native apps. Users may install them through official stores, they have limited access to the hardware of smartphones and tablets. The quality and capabilities of hybrid apps depend on the very framework the developer used.

Web App Development

In fact, it is a mobile version of the website with enhanced interactivity. But the difference between a web app and an adaptive website layout is minor, since both use standard web technologies, and the speed is limited by the quality of the Internet connection. Users can access the site at any time, even without access to a personal computer or laptop.

Benefits of EPAM Anywhere Business Outsourcing Mobile Application Development
EPAM Anywhere Business outsourcing mobile application development team is ready to help e-commerce organizations adapt their websites for mobile platforms.
  • The technical expertise of our IT talents enables us to bring world class apps to market. We work closely with your project members and marketers. To achieve results we guarantee flexible and open communication, planning and reporting.
  • The mobile application development solutions we can create for you will be convenient for further active promotion and increase the commercial effect of their use.
  • We have many years of experience in providing innovative digital solutions to a wide range of customers in various industries, working with startups as well as large companies.
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  • Our custom mobile application development services and solutions will help you develop projects which are based on business intelligence. We design interfaces and create quality interfaces.
  • Considering your requirements our technical team will be ready to design multifunctional interactive mobile applications sharpened for the convenience of the end user. 
  • We can deliver you a custom-designed mobile application that will help you instantly track your company's business processes. You will monitor the total number of clients, sales efficiency, costs, profits and much more.
  • Custom mobile application development services, delivered by our technical team, are those unique benefits that may bring your customers even closer to your business.


EPAM Anywhere Business enables small and medium-sized businesses to quickly scale their team by leveraging EPAM’s highly-skilled professionals and delivering innovative technology solutions with enterprise-grade quality.

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