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AWS Cloud Engineer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
2 min readpublished 25 April 2022updated 24 February 2023

Companies of all sizes increasingly use cloud computing to facilitate data management and optimize the entire business. This led to a significant increase in demand for the AWS cloud engineer specialty. 

When working with big data flows, it is best to resort to integrating with AWS-based systems. In addition, this is a great chance to stay competitive.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the standard AWS cloud engineer job description template below. It will allow you to find a suitable specialist or prepare a resume, if you're the one looking for a job. While responsibilities and requirements vary from company to company, the general expectations are of the same standard.

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AWS cloud engineer: a job description template

An AWS specialist is a cloud engineer responsible for developing various products using Amazon Web Services (AWS). They understand different cloud structures, DevOps, and cloud programming languages ​​and create complex and productive cloud products with their help, such as database repositories, computing tools, information delivery services, etc.

An AWS cloud engineer knows how to correctly present the results of their work to the customer, emphasizing business value, uniqueness, and functionality. Such engineers are engaged in the constant refinement of the project throughout its life cycle.

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AWS cloud engineer roles and responsibilities

To work as an AWS engineer, you will need to fulfill the following AWS cloud engineer roles and responsibilities:

  1. Planning of the project together with other developers
  2. Development of the application structure
  3. Creating a cloud product
  4. Debugging the application 
  5. Carrying out disaster recovery
  6. Applying development optimization tools
  7. Automation of work processes, such as deployment
  8. Bug detection and fixing
  9. Creation of various product features
  10. Identifying the best cloud tech stack for the project
  11. Bringing the product to market
  12. Implementing modifications and updates after the release

In many companies, the job description includes the need for an AWS cloud engineer to provide cloud security for the product. Also, a specialist may be required to develop new projects and maintain old ones, with the further introduction of modifications and technological updates into them.

AWS cloud engineer requirements

To fulfill the responsibilities stated in the job description, a professional needs to meet the following AWS cloud engineer requirements:

  1. 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  2. A bachelor's or master's qualification in computer technology
  3. Expert coding proficiency
  4. Excellent knowledge of AWS tools
  5. The ability to conduct testing at different levels and stages of the project
  6. Knowledge of scripting languages
  7. Experience with DevOps;
  8. Knowledge of optimization, automation, integration and productivity tools
  9. Knowledge of relevant libraries and security protocols

An AWS DevOps engineer often has to work in a team with other developers. Therefore, job descriptions often point out that when creating a product, the specialist should be able to communicate correctly, support other employees, and ask questions promptly so that the result of teamwork is perfect.

AWS cloud engineer skills

An AWS cloud engineer faces many tasks that need to be solved here and now on a daily basis. The job description states that in order to facilitate the work of the entire team, the following AWS cloud engineer skills will be required:

  1. Stress tolerance
  2. Excellent time management
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Problem-solving skills
  5. Ability to process feedback constructively

In addition, an AWS DevOps engineer should be able to communicate with clients and participate in demonstrating the product to the stakeholders. 

Hope you find this description of key job responsibilities of AWS engineers useful.

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