7 useful videos to improve your software testing skills

written bySenior Content Strategist, EPAM Belarus

During the three-day conference, the speakers from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, USA, China, and other countries, covered multiple topics that include QA processes, innovative Test technics, Test Automation, and more. Here we’re presenting the most popular presentations as per the participants’ votes.

How to "grow" a successful QA specialist from scratch? (RU)

This presentation tells you how to start training people with no IT background, help beginner specialists to improve software testing skills, and organize the whole learning process effectively. The speaker shares actionable tips on developing a complete learning database as well as a comprehensive set of examples and templates to create a supportive environment for trainees.

Struggling to manage Test Data? Make your tests do it automatically! (ENG)

The speaker shares his own experience of making the Test Data Management process easier. Here you’ll find an overview of various data management approaches, explore key characteristics of an ideal approach, and learn Code Samples for the highest-rated one. You will not be recommended complex and expensive tools that, in fact, solve similar problems. Instead, you’ll discover approaches that can be implemented with common technologies you are all familiar with.

So, if Test Data Management is something you’d rather do automatically, you’ll definitely find this presentation very useful.

10 Years in QA – 10 Lessons Learned (ENG)

The speaker is a Software Testing and Automation expert with ten-year expertise in working with global projects all around the world. She has taught students test automation from scratch as well as collaborated with Senior Software Test Engineers who were missing some important concepts. In this presentation, she shares the key 10 lessons she learned during her professional journey. You will definitely change a thing or 2 in your approach after watching this presentation.

Accessibility: what testers usually do not consider (ENG)

Accessibility is not as strict as functional requirements, so it’s OK to be a bit uncertain about the best approaches. What do testers usually fail to consider in the way the target audience behaves? What accessibility requirements are usually missed? What should you do when the expected behavior is not clear? Watch this presentation to find answers to these questions and many others.

QA Leadership: What the client really wants (ENG)

What does the client really expect from QA leaders? This talk will highlight and expand on the key skills and qualities that every QA lead shows on client projects. Calm or Frenzied? Pro-active or Re-active? This talk will show how to improve as a QA lead or manager while helping to deliver successful projects.

Starting the project from scratch, QA Perspective (ENG)

The speaker shares his experience of starting a new project from scratch as a QA Lead. In this video, he talks about the benefits of joining the new project and provides insights into the key phases of the project rollout – from the discovery phase, QA artifacts preparation to the building of processes, gathering the team and getting started.

Test Result Analysis and QA Metrics (ENG)

In this presentation, the speaker takes a look at the importance of QA metrics and the ways it can affect the day-to-day work of each QA engineer. Explore hands-on examples of how effective distribution of activities brings successful metric results and makes the client happy.

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written bySenior Content Strategist, EPAM Belarus
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