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Most in-demand IT positions demand hands-on Javascript nowadays. It's a popular technology you surely have come across in the top-10 charts. For example, the TIOBE index puts it in seventh place among most used languages, while the PYPL rating puts JavaScript in third place among most searched technologies in Google.

Javascript is considered to be the fundamental web technology thanks to its fantastic speed and dynamics. Once you master it, JavaScript becomes your handy tool in side-projects or your career development. You may think of this technology as glue or cement that brings pieces together and moves them the way you like. No wonder that entry-level programmers and experienced software developers decide to learn JavaScript coding as their second technology.

In this blog post, we'll overview the best JavaScript courses that provide JavaScript coding best practices, tips, and tricks. We compiled a list of online JavaScript courses available across the globe and allowing you to learn from literally anywhere. The enlisted platforms are ordered from the basic level of JS knowledge to more advanced.

How to choose a JavaScript course: what you need to know

Once you start your research of online JavaScript courses to try, consider factors like:

  • Course length
  • Track record and practical experience of coaches and mentors that teach the course
  • Extra content like home assignments, code reviews, quizzes
  • Value for money: is the course worth time and money investments?
  • Peer and community support

Best courses to learn JavaScript online

To learn JavaScript online, you need excellent self-organization skills, commitment, and balanced training that combines both theoretical knowledge and practice.


The first platform featuring the best JavaScript courses is Coursera. Coursera is mostly video-oriented; however, you may find a lot of reading content and external supplemental sources.

The platform is not limited to one technology stack. You can study other software development programs like Java online courses, frameworks, software development best practices.

Coursera collaborates with universities and academic institutions to produce long-term education programs. They focus on knowledge checks with home assignments and cross-check among students to practice their mentorship skills and simply learn from each other. After successful completion, you can get a certificate and upload it to LinkedIn.

There is a very promising specialization program Full-Stack Web Development with React that will be a fit intermediate audience. It consists of three parts; the list of covered technologies looks well (except for Jquery). To practice your JavaScript skills and testify that you completed this course, some lessons provide quizzes, plus there is a hands-on project. Cost varies from paying for a particular course to a subscription-based plan.


Both Udemy and Coursera feature learning programs from contributors. Udemy invites mentors to record and submit their programs to the platform. I'd recommend Udemy for beginners or students that run out of time. This platform offers short micro-learning courses which you can literally take on-the-go. However, you should also validate Udemy's online JavaScript courses carefully. Because of a relatively low barrier to entry, content may be superficial and lack in-depth insights. I recommend studying reviews in the first place.

There are two courses I want to highlight here:

  • ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer's Guide - this ~6 hours tutorial explains concepts of modern ES6 Javascript in a simple language. It involves a lot of practice and requires basic knowledge of arrays, functions, and objects.
  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts - this tutorial is for more experienced students who are interested in advanced concepts like closures, prototypal inheritance, and who avoid common mistakes. Besides, if you ever wanted to create your own framework or a library this course is for you.


Treehouse is one of my favorite learning platforms. First of all, there are very well-designed pathways. Video lessons are well synchronized with subtitles. Besides, there is an interactive interface built into the website. That means you can try what you just learned without installing all the necessary software on your machine.

Full Stack Javascript course will fit a total beginner and can be helpful for software developers that want to broaden their knowledge. Subscription starts from $25/month, and there's a discount for yearly commitment. There is no course completion certificate unless you consider enrolling in the JavaScript Full Stack Development With a Treehouse Techdegree program.

If you're a JavaScript beginner, joining Techdegree might be a good idea in order to build a portfolio with real-life projects. You can also join a Slack community, have one-on-ones with a dedicated mentor, and get a certificate. Thus, even if you haven't had any commercial experience yet, Techdegree helps you testify your knowledge and jumpstart your career. But again, even a self-study course is very decent, you don't have to pay for Techdegree if you have time and can learn on your own.


FreeCodeCamp is a great place to validate your skills and learn by doing. If you're a disciplined student learning JavaScript coding on a self-paced schedule, you may find this platform very useful. There are no video materials, so a learning process mostly includes reading, quizzes, coding in an interactive interface, and practice with course projects.

As its name suggests, freeCodeCamp doesn't charge any fees. Therefore, if you want to learn JavaScript online with minimum investments, it's a perfect choice for you. However, the platform welcomes donations.

One of the best parts is that this platform allows you to take a verified free certification in a variety of web development technologies, data analysis, machine learning, and more.

If you are already familiar with Javascript foundations and looking for a free course with certification, consider taking Front End Development Libraries course on I want to highlight practical projects here. They are covered with automated tests, so you can verify your work by yourself, isn't it outstanding?!

This resource is a choice of savvy developers. For example, The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is one of the most comprehensive and detailed online tutorials for learners.

The topics are conveniently arranged in a list, so you can navigate through topics and revise the material. All tutorials include real-life cases, illustrations, as well as code examples.

Just like another online JavaScript courses we mentioned above, this platform is suitable for any level and its content is free.

EPAM courses

Finally, as an EPAM Anywhere member, I am obliged to mention EPAM's learning programs. On, there are at least five continuous online group courses that cover studying JavaScript. They vary in duration and degree of complexity and are free. There is also an ongoing internship program for more experienced applicants. To enroll, a student must register on the platform and pass an initial interview.

Learn JavaScript online, boost your expertise and enjoy our vibrant and supportive developers community!

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