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top 10 videos for Android developers

With most of us working from home, now’s a great time for watching videos. But instead of firing up Netflix or HBO in the evenings, let’s check out some more useful content: tech videos. Chief Android Developer Michal Szczepanik has compiled a list of ten must-watch videos for Android developers. Read on and save them to your bookmark folder!


“Only half of programming is coding. The other 90% is debugging.”


Let’s do it right then! This video shows how to optimize your debugging process in Android Studio. You’ll find a lot of hints, tips and tricks on how to debug without printout statements everywhere. The talk should appeal to beginners, experts and everybody in between.


Do our optimizations really work, or are they just overhead for our code? This presentation busts the most common myths about Android app performance.

Is Kotlin as fast as Java? Are public fields faster than getters and setters? How does memory management work? When should we use pools? How does the number of dex files impact our app? Watch Performance Myth Busters:

Here are some useful tools for profiling the app:

    #Functionalprogramming #Arrow

    We probably all like how Kotlin reduces boilerplate code compared to Java. But we can take it to the next level of functional programming using Arrow. This video gives clear examples of how features from the Arrow library complete Kotlin for pure functional programming.

    #Coroutines #Kotlin

    Venkat Subramaniam is one of my favorite speakers. He can easily and clearly explain the features of programming languages. Take the time to enjoy his insightful talk about coroutines. I recommend it to engineers who are beginning their journey with coroutines or want to refresh their knowledge. This video will be useful for all Kotlin developers.

    #Coroutines #KTX

    How can you rewrite callbacks with coroutines? What Kotlin features may help to extend Android APIs and build libraries such as KTX? How do these features work under the hood? Find the answers to all of these questions, plus hacks and tricks, in this presentation.


    How long do you wait for your build? How often do you go to grab another coffee or switch to other tasks because the build process takes ages? This talk explores ideas on how to optimize it and reduce build time to just a few seconds.


    Data Binding can speed up development, mostly on PoC projects. This video gives great explanations and examples of how to work with Data Binding and get the most out it so that you can write less repetitive, safer, more efficient apps.

    #Machinelearning #TensorFlow

    Machine learning is fun and modern. TensorFlow has transformed significantly over the past three years. This YouTube presentation unveils the latest changes – and the possibilities it gives us today.

    #Bug #Investigation

    Instead of Breaking Bad, try Breaking Bug. There are some bugs that are a nightmare for us Android developers – we cannot reproduce them in house, and they are difficult to fix.

    This video teaches how to investigate what’s going on with such bugs and explains how to properly diagnose and narrow it to the affected part of the app. The speaker also analyzes its impact before isolating and fixing the bug.

    Note: voice is bad only in the beginning


    Flutter is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and the web. You’ve probably heard about it or even used it on your projects. In this presentation, you can find some ideas on how to build beautiful and complex UI in a very fast and easy way.

    Now that we shared top videos on Android, you have a great opportunity to explore expert insights into the technology and open up something new.

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