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DevOps Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The DevOps engineer jobs specification requires a professional to have deep knowledge of coding and the ability to create software and adapt it to the terms of reference of the project. All this is necessary to improve the performance of the finished product, with DevOps engineers making an impact throughout all the software development lifecycle stages.

DevOps engineer job description

To achieve their goals, those working in DevOps positions need to work closely with the development team and other IT departments. For the selection of employees for work from home, the hiring manager evaluates not only the professional qualities of the candidate but also their ability to communicate with other colleagues taking online jobs.

Due to the specifics of working conditions, many companies prefer DevOps engineers of at least the middle level. It is important that they fully understand how to automate work and know all the tools necessary for this, and also know how to use them without the support of senior colleagues. The more hands-on experience of improving technologies offline, the more likely you are to find a DevOps job.

DevOps engineer jobs responsibilities

To get the coveted work from home, a DevOps engineer must be ready to perform the following responsibilities:

  • Planning strategies to improve project performance
  • Implementation of strategies
  • Development of optimal tools to improve product quality
  • Adaptation of the product infrastructure to customer requirements
  • Communication with customers and managers to create the best integrations
  • Distribution of automation tasks among employees
  • Ensuring the security of systems
  • Selection of tools for work
  • Providing support for finished products
  • Implementation of updates in finished projects
  • Finding and fixing various bugs

Of course, for DevOps engineer jobs, the most important thing is the excellent command of DevOps methodologies, but specialists also need to have other skills.

Requirements for DevOps positions

When hiring a DevOps engineer, recruiters assess whether candidates meet the following requirements:

  • 2+ years of experience in a similar position in offline or online jobs
  • Knowledge of different programming languages
  • In-depth knowledge of various automation tools
  • Skills in working with different frameworks, databases, and libraries
  • Ability to configure databases
  • Knowledge of different types of architectures and the ability to build them
  • The ability to quickly set up and automate the work of the entire team
  • Ability to read, analyze and test code
  • The ability to properly prioritize work tasks

Depending on the company and its characteristics, the list of requirements and necessary skills for a DevOps engineer may vary. But the main selection criteria described above are standard and apply to everyone seeking this type of job.

Benefits of working online as a DevOps engineer

DevOps careers and online work from home are not mutually exclusive. There are no restrictions for a DevOps engineer, and you can freely be in jobs that are comfortable for you and at the same time climb up the career ladder. No more spending time commuting to and from work. It is easy to set up a personal home office, which means you’ll have more spare time for your hobbies and learning. The most important thing for a remote DevOps engineer is to learn how to properly manage their time and draw the line between work and leisure.