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Agile Coach jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Recent industry surveys suggest that more than 90% of organizations worldwide are practicing at least some agile project management and development.

Such a surge brings with it a growing understanding that adopting some Agile techniques is not enough. To maximize Agile, you have to embrace it fully, as a philosophy. Doing so is not simple and a seasoned specialist in a mentorship role is the key to easing the transition and shortening the learning curve. That explains the demand for Agile consultants, as the Agile coaching market has been snowballing over the last few years.

At EPAM Anywhere, we’re excited to offer experienced professionals an opportunity to build a career as remote Agile consultants while working with Forbes Global 2000 brands and earning competitive salary and benefits. If you’re that pro, review our Agile Coach jobs now and see if anything catches your eye.

Skills to hone to excel at Agile Consultant jobs

Taking on a remote Agile Coach role means becoming a guide for an organization during their shift from command-and-control to a team-centric management approach. You’ll be helping companies implement Agile methodologies, adopt the new culture, and train teams to be goal-oriented in a new environment. So, highlight any related background you have, and leverage your social skills to prevail as a great Agile consultant!

Key skills for Agile Coach jobs are:

  • success in applying Scrum and Kanban principles, a firm grip on Kanban board
  • comprehensive understanding of Agile culture and the ability to facilitate the spread of the culture throughout the organization, including product owners and stakeholders
  • experience as a Scrum Master, understanding of Agile methodologies, experience with Agile development
  • firm grasp of Jira, its internal tools, and JQL; ability to migrate a team from other tools to Jira if necessary
  • ability to develop reports and metrics to demonstrate team transformation progress
  • talent for advising organizations and teams on steps to improve the transition
  • project management or technical background is also much appreciated

Soft skills necessary to be recognized as an experienced remote Agile Coach:

  • effective communication skills
  • problem-solving mindset
  • excellent social skills
  • at least B2 level of spoken and written English

Responsibilities you will take on at Agile Coach remote jobs

Empowering an organization through the adoption of an Agile culture is the primary responsibility of an Agile Coach. To succeed, Agile Coaches use their experience, social skills, and their ability to influence others, to enhance the spread of positive change throughout the company.

Here are some essential duties you’ll most likely take on as an Agile Consultant:

  • coaching teams and stakeholders in Agile methodologies
  • facilitating the adoption of the Agile culture across the entire organization
  • developing standards for Agile work processes
  • helping development teams, stakeholders, and product owners learn Agile tools

Apply for Agile Coach remote jobs with EPAM Anywhere

Our clients are on the lookout for an experienced Agile pro. They’ll be excited to work with you, and we’re here to ensure that your work goes as smoothly as possible. All you need to do to start your new remote career is to check out our Agile Consultant jobs, choose the one that suits you best, and hit Apply! We’ll take care of everything else.