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Android remote opportunities live here at EPAM Anywhere

Android keeps dominating the global mobile market and persistently grows its share. Today it’s more than 70%, with about 3 billion users worldwide. Three thousand new apps arrive on the platform each day. Such rapid expansion places Android Developers among the most demanded and well-paid professionals.

At EPAM Anywhere, we are excited to meet a masterly Android Engineer. We want to propose to you an opportunity to work remotely with the most prominent global IT brands and promising startups. We’ll be finding you exciting Android jobs where you’ll be in charge of creating compelling and performant applications, ensuring seamless user experience, and achieving business goals.

If you’re keen on fantastic Android remote opportunities, check out what you need to start your dream-career with EPAM Anywhere.

Skills you need to skyrocket your Android freelance

Some of the hard skills necessary for Android jobs:

  • Profound applied experience with Java and Kotlin
  • Practical knowledge of Android SDK and Platform – Tools, Architecture components, Resources, Runtime, Debugging, Build Configuration
  • Understanding of Android Application Components
  • Firm grip on User Interface – UI components and navigation, Input/Output, Home Screen widgets, Animation and Graphics,
  • Understanding of principles of API, hands-on experience with Retrofit
  • Familiarity with the principles of concurrency
  • Experience with Google Play Services
  • Understanding of Networking and Extended connectivity
  • Experience with testing tools, like JUnit, Mockito, Espresso, etc
  • Familiarity with different app architectures, e.g., MVP and MVVM
  • Perception of principles of Material Design

Other skills to help you to fill any Android vacancy:

  • Applied knowledge of Git, experience with GitHub or Gitlab
  • Experience with CI tools, like Fastlane, Jenkins, Gitlab CI/CD
  • Proficiency at Code review
  • Good understanding of release strategies

Soft skills to succeed in an interview:

  • Necessary communication skills, ability to convey the idea with clear arguments
  • Self-efficiency skills, self-management, and decision-making
  • At least B2 level of written and spoken English

What you’ll be doing taking on Android freelance

Here are some of the responsibilities you’d anticipate when filling an Android vacancy:

  • Designing, developing, and supporting performant and secure applications through a reusable code
  • Cooperating with creative teams to transform designs into reliable code
  • Creating views and animations
  • Analyzing application, finding, assessing, and handling bottlenecks and bugs
  • Measuring app’s performance, discovering and implementing new technologies to maintain seamless user experience in your app
  • Processing large amounts of data

Remote Android jobs at EPAM Anywhere

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