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Automated Testing jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The surge of DevOps and cloud-based computing revolutionized the way we make applications. Continuous integration enables us to deliver briskly, scale seamlessly, and develop with zero downtime. But all that sugar is impossible without automated testing. As a crucial part of the CI/CD pipeline, thorough test coverage ensures that the application works as planned each time we make new changes.

While some developers are kind enough to cover their code with tests, it's just not enough in big projects. Someone has to invest all the time to write and maintain rigorous test coverage. That’s why among IT jobs testing is one of the most common positions.

If you’re keen on remote QA Automation jobs and ready for a freelance career, we're glad you’re here! We at EPAM Anywhere are always searching for tech talents to offer them to join our team. Among our clients are international IT companies and startups, so there won’t be a shortage of challenging projects and learning opportunities. Guaranteed payment and all the EPAM in-house perks are included.

Next – everything you are going to need to join our team.

Skills for remote QA Automation jobs

Aside from being handy with programming, a freelance Tester needs some special skills and practice to apply for a good testing job. Among the basic requirements, employers ask for:

  • experience with ​​Java, Python, Perl, Vb script
  • manual testing skills
  • agile and DevOps Testing Techniques
  • high skills in Selenium, SoapUI, RFT, Appium, Apache JMeter
  • applied knowledge of development automation

Soft skills that an ideal candidate possesses:

  • analytical thinking
  • excellent time management
  • teamwork experience
  • fast learning
  • at least B2 level of written and spoken English

Underlying duties of freelance Tester

Depending on team structure and business domain, the QA’s role can vary significantly. Putting aside specifics, let's dive into what Automated Testing jobs usually involve:

  • planning and coordinating all sorts of testing activities
  • designing and developing all kinds of automated tests from – unit to feature
  • writing, studying, and utilizing test automation guidelines
  • cooperating with QA Analysts and Software Developers to identify and implement the best ways of testing features
  • constantly actualizing and optimizing test suites
  • writing and generating documentations

Apply for Automated Testing jobs with EPAM Anywhere

If you’re an experienced QA, join projects you have dreamed of at EPAM Anywhere and sky-rocket your career. Just pick among the available online software testing jobs, smash apply, and we’ll reach out to you!