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Big Data remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Facebook generates about four petabytes of data daily; Google processes over 40.000 searches every second; a single Boeing 787 develops 500GB of data per flight. The amount of information we are creating is as overwhelming as its value.

While visioners shape the world’s future, Big Data engineers turn the future into reality. As even more businesses worldwide realize the potential of informational tenancy, the need for such professionals rapidly grows and with it does the number of vacancies.

Here, at EPAM Anywhere, we’re glad to share freelance Big Data opportunities with experienced engineers. We’ll help you find projects that improve your skills, boost your career growth, and satisfy your financial ambitions. All the perks and guarantees of EPAM in-house specialists are included.

Read on and find out what you’ll need to start your new career as a freelance Big Data developer with EPAM Anywhere.

Necessary skills to make a great Big Data career

Big Data remote jobs require proficiency in every aspect of gathering, storing, and collecting information. The toolbelt of such specialists is rich and varied. Here is a limited selection of technologies and skills necessary to succeed at Big Data jobs:

  • experience with coding on Java, Python, and Scala
  • practical understanding of Machine Learning algorithms
  • experience with Hadoop libraries, e.g., HDFS, Hive, and YARN
  • knowledge of Pig would be an asset
  • firm grip on SQL db management systems (like MySQL and PostgreSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, and Redis)
  • good command of real-time data processing platforms like Kafka and Spark
  • understanding of cloud computing, experience with cloud services like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure

Underlying tasks at Big Data jobs

Every Big Data specialist’s mission is to establish a steady flow of vast amounts of information and transform it into a leading business asset. Among key responsibilities you’ll take when applying for Big Data jobs are:

  • designing, developing and supporting data pipelines and whole infrastructures
  • collecting raw data from different sources and transforming it into a valuable asset
  • constantly optimizing data processing automation
  • maintaining and customizing all the tools, databases, and analytical systems necessary for efficient data processing
  • advising technical teams and stakeholders

Freelance Big Data opportunities with EPAM Anywhere

While self-driving cars and cashier-less stores are grabbing the headlines, they wouldn't be possible without technology and those who can master it. If you’re ready to take on new Big Data challenges, check out our vacancies, find the one you like the most, and smash Apply!