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Remote Cloud Architect jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Cloud computing technology becomes an integral part of IT and major businesses. There's a whole list of reasons why companies choose Cloud over Enterprise Architect. From cost-efficiency, wide choice (including SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and other models), flexibility and elasticity, cloud technology works great in terms of integration, audit and compliance, business continuity planning.

The growing popularity of cloud computing naturally resulted in an increasing number of Cloud Architect vacancies. What does it take to be a rockstar remote Cloud Architect?

Key skills and technologies required for professional architecting for the cloud

Cloud Architect remote jobs may require different technology stacks and backgrounds, depending on the particular cloud service - Cloud Azure, Cloud Google, Cloud OpenStack, or Cloud VMWare - the cloud Architect/Engineer is expected to work on. However, there are core skills any kind of Cloud Architect/Engineer should bring in:

  • Hands-on network engineering and administration (TCP/IP, IP addresses, HTTP, DNS)
  • Proficiency in building and managing containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
  • Strong knowledge of at least one popular programming language (Java, C#, Python, Go, and others)
  • Hands-on at least one operating system (Linux, Unix, Solaris, Ubuntu, Windows)
  • Background in security
  • Ability to perform identity and access management
  • Ability to effectively manage, organize, and migrate data within multi-cloud and hybrid cloud models
  • Being competent in data storage organizing
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills to explain their work to non-technical colleagues
  • Strong teamwork and leadership skills
  • Understanding business domain and goals
  • Demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills, with the ability to see and solve issues before they affect business productivity

Typical responsibilities of a Cloud Architect / Engineer

As it comes from the concept and required skills, Cloud Architect vacancies imply the whole bunch of duties related to cloud computing from designing cloud software and systems to implementing and maintaining them. But when we talk about generic responsibilities within Cloud Architect remote jobs, they typically include:

  • Developing and implementing technical efforts to design, build, and deploy cloud applications
  • Coping with large-scale data processing, statistical modeling, and advanced analytics
  • Participating in all aspects of the software development life cycle for cloud solutions
  • Troubleshooting incidents, identifying the root cause, fixing and documenting problems, and implementing preventive measures
  • Providing training for teams on the implementation of new cloud-based initiatives

Check our Cloud Architect remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

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