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Remote CSS jobs at EPAM Anywhere

No matter what’s currently trending in the IT world, CSS remains among the most popular technologies. It shares second place with HTML in the most recent annual Stack Overflow Developer Survey of the most commonly used programming languages. The reason is obvious — it’s just everywhere. As long as the commercial internet consists of web pages and applications, CSS will dominate the market as a technology and a sought-after skill for a Front-end developer.

If you’re a skilled engineer with solid knowledge of CSS, jobs are waiting for you at EPAM Anywhere. Join us to find remote projects at Forbes Global 2000 companies, grow your career, and receive competitive rewards. When you find an opening that suits you and hit “Apply,” we’ll handle the rest.

Let’s review the skills that remote CSS jobs require.

Skills required at almost any CSS job

Most Front-end Developer positions require at least a basic understanding of CSS work, since they involve lots of styles and jQuery selectors. CSS jobs require:

  • proficiency with CSS3 and HTML5 — HTML Tags, CSS Selectors, layouts
  • familiarity with principles of responsive design
  • demonstrated experience with JavaScript, objects, arrays, scopes, functions, loops, etc.
  • command of one of the TOP FE frameworks like React or Angular
  • understanding of SQL, ability to make complex queries with joins, groupings, aggregate functions
  • competent with MySQL, understanding of basic relational principles like foreign keys
  • knowledge of basic PHP is a benefit at any CSS job
  • capable of Object-Oriented Programming
  • conversant with Web Security principles
  • grasp of debugging processes and tools
  • experience with macOS; working knowledge of any Linux system would be an advantage

Underlying duties to expect at remote CSS jobs

Logically enough, you’ll probably have your hands in lots of HTML and CSS. Work may vary from job to job, but the essential responsibilities usually include:

  • designing, developing, debugging, and testing FE applications
  • refactoring existing code
  • building new features
  • communicating with backend and design teams for sustainable and user-friendly UI/UX
  • following standard methodologies and best practices
  • applying guidance through the technical team
  • clearly communicating technical information to the businesses and customers using common language, escalating technical questions to the appropriate specialists

If remote CSS jobs and front-end career opportunities are what you’re after, EPAM Anywhere has just what you are looking for! So check our open vacancies, find the one that shines brighter than any other for you, hit “Apply,” and we’ll see you in the interview!