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Freelance DevOps jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The DevOps community is scaling rapidly. Continuous delivery revolutionized digital business empowering developers to build high-quality applications with almost zero downtime rapidly. Such an approach is possible only if an experienced full-stack DevOps is on board.

Reports show that DevOps practices reduce time to market up to 90% while lowering software failure rate by an astonishing 70%. It makes DevOps a necessity for every enterprise that wants to stay afloat and a DevOps career – one of the most promising in the IT market.

Here, at EPAM Anywhere, we are happy to share remote opportunities with full-stack DevOps specialists. Let’s see what we expect from a professional we’re dreaming of having in our team.

Skills and technologies for remote work as a DevOps

Here is a list of the required knowledge that will come in handy in your remote work DevOps role:

  • experience with cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, GCP
  • the practice of using management tools Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Terraform
  • experience in scripting and developing Git workflows
  • applied knowledge of continuous delivery and integration
  • knowledge of C ++ or Java
  • basic understanding of PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby would be a huge benefit
  • experience with virtualization technologies such as VMware and vSphere

Soft skills that distinguish a lead DevOps specialist:

  • excellence in communications, ability to explain your thoughts both for technical staff and business owners
  • strategic and systematic mindset, passion for problem-solving
  • ability to cooperate with multiple teams
  • at least B2 level of spoken and written English 

Many employers request additional skills, especially from DevOps senior-level specialists, to quickly solve specific technical problems and respond to customer requests. Profile education will also become a bonus for freelance DevOps.

Responsibilities of a DevOps Senior specialist

Depending on the role and specific activity, the responsibilities and tasks of remote work DevOps can vary. Among the main ones:

  • designing, setting up, and managing IT infrastructure
  • monitoring project performance
  • participating in software development
  • setting up deployment automation
  • assessing risks and prospects of a development infrastructure 

If a remote DevOps career is what you’re up to, do not hesitate! Find an open vacancy here, at EPAM Anywhere, and apply!