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Freelance and remote .NET jobs

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.NET remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

There are many reasons why .NET development is so popular and in demand in the modern world. Programmers compete with each other in every possible way, offering their services and thereby making this platform one of the leading in the information technology market. Many modern tech companies choose this platform for development, since 2019 it has shown colossal progress and growth. Developers are hired by companies in various fields that need to create web services, web applications, and websites with dynamic content.

Why is .NET freelance so popular now?

To understand more specifically what are the advantages of working with DotNet full stack and why this knowledge is really competitive, let's consider a number of main factors that affect the position of this platform in the IT environment:

  1. regardless of the type of platform, .NET allows you to create any applications and support any operating systems - Android, iOS, Windows, etc.
  2. ease of development and the ability to support about 44 programming languages. This is a huge advantage of the freedom of choice
  3. .NET is a secure environment, reliable in use, and robust in functionality.
  4. high productivity. The flexibility of the result attracts both developers and clients.
  5. low cost and free frameworks.
  6. the number of developers, which grows without stopping, makes it possible to consult and consult with more experienced colleagues

So you’re turning your attention to the right field. Rather skip to the next section, where we will look at the basic skills required for .NET jobs.

Skills for remote .NET programmer jobs

The technologies and skills that managers of companies require are very diverse. Having a complete experience is a must, so be attentive. Here's what you need to manage for .NET freelance jobs:

  • skills in working with Visual Studio to integrate into teamwork with Microsoft
  • knowledge of .NET frameworks for easy code reuse and.NET core for Mac OS and Linux
  • Entity Framework and Entity Framework Core open source
  • Roslyn platform for more detailed source code information and analysis
  • Xamarin - a template and framework data library for mobile development
  • knowledge of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C #, VB.NET, F #

In addition to technical skills for .NET jobs, personal qualities are also important. It is necessary to be attentive to small details, keep technical thinking and create solutions for existing problems. In addition, the ability to work in a team and adapt to new conditions, as well as the possession of time management skills, will be a good bonus.

.NET jobs responsibilities and tasks

If you are not afraid of the list of skills, and you are ready to get started, then for you we have compiled a list of responsibilities and tasks for .NET Developers:

  • development and maintenance of software
  • analyzing problem areas, monitoring system requirements
  • software testing
  • design creation for interfaces and individual elements
  • .NET application creation
  • project management
  • communication with clients, other developers, Team Lead

Working with EPAM Anywhere, you get a number of undeniable advantages and privileges that you will definitely like - transparent promotion paths, corporate benefits, career growth, and certification support just to name a few. Check EPAM Anywhere’s remote .NET Programmer jobs, choose the one the suits you best, and hit Apply!