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Remote ETL Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Back in 2006, Clive Humby, a data scientist and the pioneer of data analytics coined a phrase:

"Data is the new oil."

Many years later, this statement is still valid and is even more meaningful. With the growing need to receive, process, manage data, and extract insights from it, the role of Data Engineers skyrocketed. Among other professionals, ELT Developers are in great demand. Hence, the number of ETL Developer jobs keeps increasing.

ETL stands for "Extract, Transform and Load" and refers to the technology basically allowing to collect, transform, and load data obtained from multiple sources, as well as move it to target databases. ETL technology is essential for performing marketing data integration, advanced business intelligence, and database replication. So, which tools and technologies should an onsite ETL Engineer know to make various operations with data successfully?

Core skills and technologies for remote ETL Engineer

ETL Developers play an essential role as data team members. Typically, skills and knowledge, expected from them and stated in ETL Developer jobs, include:

  • Proficiency with Talend, Informatica, Pentaho, and other ELT tools
  • Hands-on everything SQL
  • Understanding of parameterization aspects
  • Strong knowledge of any scripting language: Python, Perl, or Bash
  • Ability to cope with debugging and problem-solving
  • Experience in data modeling and data pipeline development
  • Knowledge of STTM
  • Being a confident ETL process manager

What ETL Developers do

Responsibilities mentioned in different in-house and remote ETL jobs descriptions may slightly vary, depending on the project's critical focus and the team, which an Engineer is going to join. For instance, you can find ETL Tester jobs, BI ETL Developer jobs, ETL openings focusing on reporting, product strategy, or specific technology. But, a more broad set of responsibilities, combine the blend of:

  • Preparing design of staging databases and warehouses using Star Schema or Snowflakes schema
  • Analyzing business requirements and data models to come up with a framework that could ensure BI and data warehouse support
  • Residing distributed data in heterogeneous data sources
  • Developing and expanding data pipelines
  • Examining data to detect potential issues within ETL pipelines and working on ways to resolve those issues
  • Gathering and testing business requirements, and making sure they are followed
  • Ensuring scalability and maintenance for data architecture
  • Developing, testing, and implementation of various procedures related to database backup, restore, recovery, and beyond
  • Preparing various documentation for further reference

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