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Front End Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Front-end Software Engineers have one of the most bankable skill sets on the job market, and it seems that this trend will only keep growing as we enter 2021. Along with that, both the number of specialists and the number of Front-end Engineer jobs keep increasing. Specifically, numerous commercial websites and apps need Front-end developers to bring in their expertise.

Core skills and technologies a remote Front End Engineer should have

To place head and shoulders over the army of other candidates, a strong Front-end Software Engineer needs to bring to the table a blend of a sound knowledge of basics and the ability to keep new technologies under the radar. The core skills required from in-house Front-end Engineer include:

  • Experience with HTML and CSS
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript frameworks and libraries (Angular, React, Vue.js)

You can also meet such nice-to-haves in Front-end Engineer jobs:

  • Experience with various Content management systems
  • Knowledge of User Experience(UX) and wireframing
  • Competency in version control
  • Ability to create a responsive web design and work with UI widgets and web font embedding
  • Working with templating engines, web browser security, and browser developer tools

Besides, skills and key technologies for Front-end Engineers often involve:

  • Understanding software engineering practices (code review process, release strategy, and others)
  • Proficiency in CSS Core
  • Strong knowledge of HTML/CSS markup cross-browser compatibility
  • Navigating across principles of web accessibility (accessibility in HTML/CSS)
  • Hands-on JS DOM (jQuery)
  • High competence with JS UI Components (Material UI, Riot, Semantic UI, Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Kendo UI, Telerik UI)

What you will do as a Front End Software Engineer

With the skills and knowledge base enlisted above, Front-end Engineer remote jobs typically entail the following set of responsibilities:

  • Developing new features and user interfaces for websites and app
  • Building reusable code and libraries
  • Ensuring compliance between UI/UX designs and technically implemented interfaces and web pages
  • Optimizing apps for maximum speed and scalability
  • Working closely with backend and other team members to ensure the feasibility of their efforts and delivering high quality and functional interfaces

Explore Front End Engineer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

If you're exploring Front-end Engineer remote jobs, you're in the right place. Here, on EPAM Anywhere platform, you can find numerous openings for remote Front-end Engineers in the projects for Fortune 2000 companies. Here you won't hit any roadblocks in your search. Just apply for the job that looks like a match to you, and leave all the operation and client management tasks for us.