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Front-End freelance and remote jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance Front-End Specialists.


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Front-end freelance with EPAM Anywhere

Interaction with the customer is the priority for any company. It should be engaging, intuitive, drawing towards fast decisions and long relationships. In the world shifter into the web, it’s Front-end Developers who are shaping how modern businesses communicate with their clients.

There's no shortage of work for experienced Front-end Engineers, as companies of every size constantly open new jobs. Here, at EPAM Anywhere, we help global IT brands to connect with technical experts and offer them remote opportunities. Partnering with us, you’ll get all the benefits we provide to our in-house specialists and a personal skill advisor who’ll support you with step-by-step guidance to a successful career.

If you’re ready for Front-end freelance opportunities, let’s see what you’ll need to start right away.

Skills Front-end remote jobs require

The field of expertise required for Front-end jobs is broad and deep. It includes:

  • great experience with HTML, CSS, and its preprocessors like Sass, Less, Stylus
  • proficiency with JavaScript frameworks and libraries like Angular, Reak, Vue.js, and jQuery
  • basic knowledge of top-notch back-end technologies, e.g., Node.js, PHP, Ruby, or Python
  • experience with DOM and SVG objects
  • knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases will be an asset for a Front-end freelance Developer
  • experience with testing and debugging, applied knowledge of tools like Firebug
  • understanding of principles of UX and Responsive Web Design
  • practical knowledge of UI Widgets

Additionally, it’s much easier for developers to apply for Front-end remote jobs if they’re skilled in:

  • popular CMS like Magento
  • version control (Git, GitHub, GitLab, etc.)
  • Web Security
  • wireframing and prototyping tools

Soft skills necessary for mastering Front-end development jobs:

  • great communication skills
  • ability to teamwork
  • analytical mindset
  • crave for continuous learning and problem solving
  • at least B2 level of written and spoken English

Underlying responsibilities Front-end programming jobs involve

Front-end Developers are always on the bleeding edge, applying best practices and prospecting new technologies to ensure that the application is responsive and reliable. On such a mission, they continuously cooperate with back-end, UI/UX, and QA Engineers, converting the team efforts into the best possible user experience.

Let’s run through underlying duties Frontend jobs include:

  • establishing, developing, and improving user-facing features
  • analyzing and perfecting the user experience
  • ensuring scalability and reliability of applications
  • writing reusable code and using libraries necessary for achieving business goals
  • building quality mockups and prototypes
  • ensuring that applications are consistent with brand guidelines, principles of responsive web design, and best practices of web security

Apply for Front-end remote jobs with EPAM Anywhere

At EPAM Anywhere, we always have Front-end programming jobs to offer to an experienced specialist. If you’re up to a remote career and new challenges, wait no more. Pick among our vacancies and hit Apply!