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Remote jobs for HTML experts at EPAM Anywhere

All languages grow and modify and given the fact that the World Wide Web is expanding every single day, more new sites will require HTML technology and HTML experts to create them.

Lots of HTML career opportunities exist in the field, among which you can find an ever growing number of offers for remote HTML jobs. Web Developers of all levels, Graphic Designers, Web Architects and remote HTML Developers are in high demand.

With us, everyone can make the right choice more easily. EPAM Anywhere platform offers not only opportunities to work on inspiring projects, but also to develop your professional skills while earning a steady income and building a truly great career. We'll tell what knowledge and experience you need for your future position and what main responsibilities await you. So keep reading!

Core skills for remote HTML Developer jobs

The task of HTML Developer jobs is to turn the template drawn by designers into a live and secure site, to translate the picture layout into a language understandable to any browser and visible to the visitor. This is where certain professional skills are useful, so here they are:

  • excellent knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • proficiency of JavaScript programming language
  • ability to work in text editors
  • hands-on experience in creating interactive sites: with pop-ups, sliders, etc.
  • ability to create adaptive sites
  • practical experience in network diagnostics using network analysis tools
  • pre-Intermediate or Intermediate English level, as this skill will make work much easier

When it comes to HTML coding jobs, it is obvious that progressive companies tend to get prominent Web Developers who will be in charge of coding, groundbreaking design and site layout. Therefore, such employees will also need skills like these:

  • 3+ years experience in web programming
  • profound knowledge of HTML and CSS technologies
  • proficiency in Javascript, ASP.NET, PHP,Ruby on Rails
  • full understanding of web applications work processes
  • excellent knowledge of relational database systems, object-oriented programming and web application development
  • search engine optimization skills

HTML Developers create websites from the very beginning to the end, from the home page to layout and function. And if you combine hard and soft skills, success is guaranteed. You may have a preference at the interview, if you can declare such qualities:

  • patience
  • attention to detail
  • analytical mind for seeing the big picture, visualizing the desired at any stage of the site
  • willingness to acquire new knowledge
  • ability to work productively in a team, take responsibility for the actions and the result

Main responsibilities for Remote HTML jobs

Working on remote HTML Developer jobs, such specialists are responsible for making all fonts, font sizes, colors and sizes of different elements, buttons on the created page exactly match the drawn layout. And thanks to these professionals, sites look equally good on different computers, tablets and phones. In other words, the duties include:

  • writing effective codes using the best software technologies
  • developing future site layout and interface based on HTML and CSS
  • data migration from internal services and databases
  • integrating data from various internal services and databases
  • maintenance of software documentation
  • maintenance, expansion of the website
  • working with software documentation
  • collaboration with web designers

Find your own opportunities in HTML Developer jobs

According to statistics, about 600 new sites appear on the web every minute. The HTML coding jobs are promising nowadays. Only the tools change over time, but the need for professionals who can turn a design layout into a working website doesn't fade away. Check our EPAM Anywhere platform, dare to apply for your dream job and join the global team of professionals!