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IOS Developer: remote job opportunities at EPAM Anywhere

The iOS ecosystem is evergreen. Don't you believe it? Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it hasn't shown any signs of stagnation. Moreover, as of September 2020, the App Store ecosystem managed to create more than 2.1 million jobs across the United States. This figure includes everyone involved in software development, design, and maintenance.

What does it take to stay an Apple iOS Developer in demand in a competitive job market? Let's take a look from the perspective of EPAM Anywhere – a platform with freelance iOS Developer jobs. We'll uncover such topics as iOS Developer required skills, responsibilities, and career opportunities even working remotely.

Apple iOS Developer in 2020: must-have skills and technologies

Typically, iOS Developers start their careers with lots of self-education. For starters, you need to learn one of the programming languages for iOS application: Objective-C or Swift. The Apple company created Swift in 2014 to replace obsolete Objective-C with more readable, maintainable, secure, and faster technology. It rapidly proved its reliability and convenience, so companies like Lyft, VSCO, and Evernote have rewritten their applications in Swift.

However, the popularity of Objective-C doesn't cease away. It's still used to develop and maintain existing applications that were created long before Swift. A recent survey by Stack Overflow shows that 5,9% of developers worldwide use Swift, while 4.1% still stick to Objective-C.

In addition to excellent command of one (or both) programming languages, a skilled Apple iOS developer must possess hands-on experience with:

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) principles for developers that write code in Objective-C and Protocol-oriented programming principles for Swift Developers.
  • Xcode as the main integrated development environment (IDE) and its components (iOS Simulator, Interface Builder, and Source Control).
  • Multithreading.
  • UI and Autolayout.
  • Some of the version control systems like Git, Bitbucket, and SVN.
  • Design of MVC, M-V-VM, MVP, VIPER architecture.
  • iOS layout elements.
  • Working with Objective-C and Swift APIs.
  • UNIT testing.
  • Continuous integration (CI) and practical use in iOS development.
  • Knowledge of SOLID principles.

    Extra soft skills and qualifications include:

    • At least the B2 (Upper-Intermediate) level of written and spoken English.
    • People development skills to mentor junior specialists, engage and motivate the team, and create a productive working atmosphere.
    • Business-oriented mindset with a strong customer focus and sense of ownership.
    • Specific communication skills like conflict resolution and business correspondence to work with external clients.

    iOS Developer: key responsibilities

    To build a successful iOS Developer career, you need to be able to create robust applications in the above-mentioned languages, be a great team player and mentor for colleagues, and be a great presenter and communicator with clients. Other responsibilities include:

    • Developing new application features, making tweaks to the existing codebase, and maintaining them.
    • Identification of system's bottlenecks and fixing them.
    • Troubleshooting and resolving performance and reliability issues.
    • Devising the most viable architectural solutions and their technical implementation.
    • Unit testing and code review to improve code quality

    iOS Developer freelance job opportunities at EPAM Anywhere

    Here at EPAM Anywhere, we advocate for remote work for everyone, anywhere. For iOS Developers, freelance job opportunities on our platform are endless. We're proud to offer long-term, complex projects with clients from the Fortune Global 2000 list, employee benefits, and professional growth with our career development programs.

    To apply for an iOS Developer remote job, you don't need to go through a long interviewing process. We've cut down communication with our recruiters to the minimum and devised an automated hiring flow. Check it out and send your CV!

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