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Java Developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere: how to excel your remote career

A recent study by Stack Overflow shows that Java isn't losing traction. In the programming languages rating, it takes the fifth place with 40,2% software developers using this technology.

Java turned 25 years in 2020. It means that its legacy (in a good sense) will continue to strive. If you're a Java Software Developer, you'll definitely stay in demand due to a huge number of applications that need the development of new features and maintenance.

Moreover, a growing trend for remote work dictates its rules on the IT job market. Here at EPAM Anywhere, we offer a variety of Java Full Stack Developer remote jobs for different qualification levels. If you'd like to discover what it takes to successfully apply for a Java Developer vacancy on our platform, read on!

Key skills and qualifications for Java Developer freelance jobs on EPAM Anywhere

Java is a multifunctional language that allows developers to create applications of any kind: from Android mobile apps and desktop applications to Big Data, embedded, and web apps.

As a result, mobile and web Java Developers must offer a variety of competencies (not to mention a perfect command of Java) to stand out of the competition:

  • Strong knowledge of OOP and design patterns.
  • Strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • JDBC knowledge and basic knowledge of Hibernate.
  • Knowledge of application testing approaches like TDD and BDD.
  • Web services, such as XML and JSONBasic.
  • Hands-on experience with popular Java frameworks like Spring, Blade, and Spark.
  • Ability to set up a quality code review process.
  • Java EE configuration and management.

These are essential Java Developer skills that should be complemented with these soft skills:

  • Speaking and written English B2 (Upper-Intermediate) level to easily communicate with the team and clients.
  • Excellent communication skills to motivate the team members, mentor them, negotiate with third parties, and resolve conflicts if necessary.
  • Great time management skills to keep up with the remote workflow and continuous learning mindset to develop professionally.

Main duties for Java Full-Stack Developer remote jobs

As a rule, Java Developers work with existing software products, developing extra functionality or providing application support. Thus, they have to interact with other developers, a client's team, and project stakeholders. Quite often, Java programmers learn other backend and frontend languages to understand the structure of a legacy application. In descriptions of Java Developer remote jobs you'll find the following duties:

  • Work with customers to clarify the issues, elicit requirements, and sync up on the work statuses.
  • Devising software architecture and code development.
  • Application testing, identification of occurring errors, and troubleshooting.
  • Testing applications and services, identifying errors.
  • Technical support of applications during their lifecycle.

Finding Java Full-Stack Developer remote jobs: what's next?

Tired of looking for Java Developer freelance jobs that don't bring you any rewarding feeling or professional growth? EPAM Anywhere is a platform that offers only vetted and approved enterprise-level projects with global clients.

You don't need to look for projects and do the management work – we've already done it for you. Simply apply for a suitable mobile or Web Java Developer vacancy and enjoy our hassle-free and automated hiring process.

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