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EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance Java specialists.


Competitive compensation

We back all payments and operate in compliance with country-specific labor regulations. Your annual paycheck can range from $15k to $200k.


Numerous benefits

Make use of 1,500+ online and location- specific benefits across ALL countries that also include healthcare and sports programs for you and your family.


Limitless career growth opportunities

Get access to a large-scale ecosystem that consists of educational and career development services created for your growth. A personal skill advisor will support you on each step of this journey. Enjoy!

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Start Java Freelance with EPAM Anywhere

Java – old, classy, never gets out of style. Whether it's software, games, web, or mobile applications – Java is everywhere to keep running critical processes.

What is so hot about it? Well, mainly, it’s all about how masterly it steers everything from car navigation systems to medical monitoring devices while somehow managing to be highly reliable. That’s why it’s so loved, and that’s why there’s never a shortage of Java jobs, remote and in-house.

We at EPAM Anywhere always have a challenging Java freelance offer for an experienced developer. Partnering with top global IT brands, we help them reinforce their teams with skillful engineers. When you join us, we’ll find the projects that suit your talents best and help you pave your route to professional success. REST Assured, you won’t be bored, and you will be paid steadily.

Ready to start your Java freelance career? Fantastic! Let’s sneak a peek at what you need to apply for a Java full-stack job at EPAM Anywhere.

Skills demanded at Java jobs in Remote

Hard skills any Java Full Stack Developer should have:

  • Advanced knowledge of Java SE – Core, JVM, JDK, and tools
  • Advanced knowledge of Java EE – Business and Web Components, Web Services
  • Firm grip on third-party libraries, like Guava, Apache Commons, Logging Libraries, JSON, etc
  • Hands-on experience with ORM, including JPA, Hibernate, and MyBatis
  • Profound knowledge of OOP principles
  • Experience with SQL / NoSQL databases and DBMS
  • Understanding of Web Development principles and frameworks like Struts or Spring would be an asset

Advanced skill set to nail it as a Lead Java Engineer

  • Experience in Machine Learning
  • Knowledge of Python
  • Applied knowledge of at least one of the top-tier cloud platforms – AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure
  • Familiarity with the chief JS framework (like React or Angular)
  • Familiarity with Spring Framework

Soft skills Senior Java Developer should possess:

  • Troubleshooting and analytical skills
  • Basic communication skills
  • Ability to manage conflicts, and experience in business correspondence will be beneficial
  • At least B2 English level

What are you going to do as a Java Freelance Developer

  • Designing, developing, and supporting mission-critical applications
  • Analyzing, programming, testing, and debugging software
  • Continually delivering software components
  • Coordinating between development teams and product owners to ensure that application always meats business needs
  • Advising developers and stakeholders on existing infrastructure and future developments

Engineering, QA, and Java DevOps Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

If Java is your native language, we’re excited to have you aboard and can’t wait to offer you one of our Java jobs for remote. So let's not waste any minute; check out open vacancies at EPAM Anywhere, choose the one you are interested in most, and hit apply!