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Freelance and remote JavaScript jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance JavaScript specialists.


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We back all payments and operate in compliance with country-specific labor regulations. Your annual paycheck can range from $15k to $200k.


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Make use of 1,500+ online and location- specific benefits across 30+ countries that also include healthcare and sports programs for you and your family.


Limitless career growth opportunities

Get access to a large-scale ecosystem that consists of educational and career development services created for your growth. A personal skill advisor will support you on each step of this journey.

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Freelance JavaScript Opportunities are at EPAM Anywhere

It’s said that JavaScript will stay as long as we use the internet. Simply put, it will be here forever making our online experience even more smooth, interactive, and beautiful.

Most popular language according to Stack Overflow; most-used according to GitHub; the heart of the most wanted frameworks – React.js and Node.js. The web is nothing without JavaScript and those who can tame it.

EPAM Anywhere is always on the lookout for a sound Full Stack JavaScript Developer. Here we hire the sharpest people in the industry to work remotely with global tech brands and startups. Together we’ll find you the projects that will highlight your talents. We’ll help you build your career, grow professionally, and always be confident about your payment.

If you’re wild about kicking off a fantastic Freelance JavaScript career, great, we’re here to help. Let’s find out everything you need to start right away!

Skills necessary for JS Remote Jobs

Every freelance JavaScript Developer should be:

  • Highly experienced with core JS and frameworks like Angular, AngularJS, ReactJS, and VueJS
  • Masterly with jQuery
  • Practically familiar with a mobile framework (e.g., React Native, NativeScript, Sencha Touch, or jQuery Mobile)
  • Advanced with JS UI components and libraries like Material-UI, Riot, Semantic UI, jQuery UI, and Kendo UI
  • Good with Canvas and SVG
  • Experienced with at last one of JS Graphics libraries (e.g., Raphael, Three.js, or D3.js)
  • Good with HTML5 and CSS, including CSS preprocessors like LESS or SASS and frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Learned about Web Accessibility
  • Proficient with code review
  • Keen on high development standards, quality code, debugging, and testing

Soft skills for Full Stack JavaScript pro to soften the heart of any employer:

  • High standards of communication, ability to build and support relationships, speak clearly, and lead a conversation
  • Experience with business correspondence
  • Capacity for self-management, continuous learning, and decision making even under pressure
  • At least B2 level of written and spoken English

What will Senior JavaScript Engineer be doing

  • Developing user-friendly features and reusable libraries
  • Working closely with creative teams to deliver feasible and responsive UI/UX
  • Studying and improving the performance of the front-end application, supporting its scalability and speed
  • Designing and implementing automated tests, documenting the development process, and conducting reviews
  • Cooperating with tech teams, product owners, and stakeholders, making sure that the development process and application itself are aligned with business needs

Start your Senior JavaScript career with EPAM Anywhere

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