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Make use of 1,500+ online and location-specific benefits across 30+ countries that also include healthcare and sports programs for you and your family.


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Mobile Application Testing Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Recent statistics suggest that, of the 7.9 billion people on the planet, roughly 6.4 billion of them are mobile phone users . Moreover, the average person spends almost four hours per day on their phone, and more than half of all mobile phone users say they can't do without them.

These numbers attest to the revenue potential and the reach of the market for mobile software development solutions. In the race for superiority and a more significant market share, however, quality ultimately trumps quantity. So, it's not surprising that the demand for mobile QA tester professionals have increased substantially. If you have the skills and the interest in working on challenging and exciting projects, in an excellent working environment, with professional and engaged colleagues, then our mobile testing jobs are the right fit for you.

Core skills of mobile application testing jobs

QA mobile testing can be described as the process of running tests on specific properties of a mobile application, such as its consistency, usability, and functionality, to ensure its successful performance when released to end users. The core skills required of a mobile QA tester include:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of test automation approaches
  • Proven experience using IOS test automation tools
  • Competence with mobile development and building tools like Android SDK and Xcode
  • Proficiency with Android test automation tools
  • Background in manual mobile testing
  • Skilled at mobile web test automation
  • Familiarity with Android and IOS application prototyping
  • Experience with mobile applications performance testing
  • Knowledge of code standards and code review process

Soft skills

Candidates for application testing jobs should also have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Significant resistance to stress
  • Willingness to be a team player
  • Skills in the visual representation of information
  • Superior decision-making abilities
  • A well-developed sense of responsibility
  • Capacity to self-motivate

Responsibilities of Automated and Manual Mobile App Testing experts

Candidates for mobile testing jobs should expect to have the following responsibilities:

  • Writing test scripts for mobile applications
  • Monitoring mobile applications throughout their life cycles
  • Fixing bugs and errors in mobile software applications
  • Conducting usability and functional tests
  • Effectively communicating with your team
  • Mentoring less experienced manual mobile testing teammates

Benefits of Mobile App Testing jobs at EPAM Anywhere

So, what are the benefits of mobile app testing jobs at EPAM Anywhere? With so many QA mobile testing vacancies out there, it can be challenging to know which company is the right fit for you. Offering a range of benefits and opportunities, EPAM Anywhere is attractive to mobile QA testers and other IT professionals. If this catches your interest, you will be happy to know that the perks of being an EPAMer include:

  • Competitive wages
  • Varied career growth opportunities
  • Healthcare benefits

Competitive wages

We are well aware of the importance of generous wages. We make it a point to compensate EPAMers with some of the most competitive salary rates in the industry. If you are looking for mobile app testing jobs that offer you consistently competitive wages and opportunities , then EPAM Anywhere is the place to be.

Career growth opportunities

As with other IT positions,the key to excellence for a mobile QA tester is their accumulated experience. At EPAM Anywhere, our varied and extensive range of opportunities offers you many options for hands-on experience that will enhance and support your career growth. Moreover, we provide industry-recognized certificate programs and a wealth of educational and training materials to choose from. The mobile app testing jobs at EPAM Anywhere will help you take your career to the next level.

Healthcare benefits

In addition to the other available perks, the importance of access to necessary healthcare cannot be overstated. You will be pleased to know that our mobile application testing job vacancies come with location-specific healthcare that you don’t want to pass up.

It should be clear by now that very few other QA mobile testing vacancies can compete with the broad range of benefits we offer. So why not take the initiative and become part of a winning team?