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Objective C jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Objective C is currently one of the most popular programming languages and is holding steady at that level, as evidenced by the TIOBE Index. It has quickly gained popularity, attention, and critical acclaim from Software development communities. Most App Store apps are created using this very technology, and it is a fundamental basis for learning how to code for iOS or MacOS.Thus, knowledge of this language is necessary for a career as an Objective C iOS Developer.

Our EPAM Anywhere platform provides a set of vacancies among remote Objective C jobs. If you have always wanted to be part of a big and promising project, put your knowledge and ideas to create applications for iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch, then be sure to check out the listed positions. Finish this article to get our hints about your new job.

Core skills and technologies necessary for an Objective C Developer

Today, we can see a tendency to move from Objective-C to Swift programming language among large IT companies and developers. For example, a mid-level developer can use Swift code to create a simple iPhone application. And since the demand for Apple products is constantly growing, the market needs experienced IOS Developers.

Smart Objective C Apple Developers strive to create applications with user-friendly interfaces and subsequent updates. They also take care of making these developments profitable for the customer. With professional skills, all of this is achievable:

  • practical experience in software development
  • experience in application maintenance
  • strong Objective-C and Swift skills
  • ability to work with Grand Central Dispatch
  • profound experience with OOP and different code designs
  • good understanding and memory management
  • experience in RESTful API development

Nice to have:

  • experience with Stripe or a similar payment SDK
  • ability to process video and images
  • SQL and NoSQL database management skills

Objective C remote vacancy — key responsibilities

Being an Objective C Apple Developer is kind of a lifestyle as IOS Developers spend a lot of time on self-education, constantly monitoring market trends and strategies of potential customers. Their responsibilities most often include such tasks:

  • creation of software and updates for devices running on mobile IOS
  • team communication to define, design, and submit new features
  • writing technical documentation for created software products
  • debugging and testing applications for Apple OS
  • uploading software products to the App Store

Apply for EPAM Anywhere’s remote Objective C jobs

Put your knowledge and skills into innovative projects for global brands, hit your career targets and deepen your expertise on the way. Here, you’ll get a job that you’ll love and it’s just a matter of choosing the right remote Objective C Developer job with our help.