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React Native Developer Remote Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Companies that develop applications for iOS and Android platforms at once, tend to choose React Native. This framework allows businesses to kill two birds with one stone, offering cross-platform development for iOS and Android. React Native was built on top of React in 2015. The framework doesn't use WebView and HTML technologies.

React Native Developers outline the following benefits of using the framework for mobile development:

  • Excellent performance. Even though React Native applications might be not as fast as native apps built with Objective-C, Swift, or Java, they still demonstrate outstanding, almost native-like performance.
  • Rich user interfaces. Out of the box, the framework provides a set of declarative components like Picker and Button to build attractive yet convenient user interfaces. The declarative API makes it easier to predict how the future interface will look like and control the implementation.
  • Low entry barrier. If you already know the basics of JavaScript and React, it will be easy to learn React Native. Besides, React Native has a large community that develops libraries and components for common development tasks.

All these factors result in the wide adoption of React Native by tech startups and established companies. For example, the technology stack of world-renown products like Instagram, Microsoft Office 365 apps, Pinterest, Spendee, and Walmart includes this framework.

EPAM Anywhere offers a variety of React Native remote jobs for specialists of different qualification levels and domains. To start your career with our platform, check our guide to key skills and responsibilities of React Native Developers.

Must-have skills and qualifications for a React Native Developer in 2020 and beyond

As a rule, remote React Native Developers at EPAM Anywhere are required to have a perfect command of HTML5, CSS3, SASS, and JavaScript. In addition to technical competencies, soft skills like fluent English (at least B2 level) and business communication skills are a must.

Other desired skills include:

  • Knowledge of the OOP principles and design patterns.
  • Hands-on experience with system versioning tools like Git, BitBucket, and SVN.
  • Knowledge of JQuery.
  • Experience with React.JS.
  • Experience with Webpack and Redux.
  • Understanding of iOS and Android development since React Native Developers also work with native modules.
  • Knowledge of Xcode and Android Studio.

Core responsibilities of remote React Native Developers at EPAM Anywhere

Here are the key duties for React Native Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere that may vary depending on a project. However, most of them stay the same:

  • Cross-platform development for iOS and Android, upgrade of existing modules, and application maintenance.
  • Working with third-party integrations, libraries, and frameworks to extend the application's capabilities.
  • Testing, refactoring, and code review sessions.
  • Optimization of application performance and detection of bottlenecks.
  • Setting up the development environment and code deployment.

Do you feel like joining EPAM Anywhere as a remote React Native Developer? We offer major learning opportunities, a stable workload, and exciting projects to boost your career. Check out our available vacancies now. Check remote Senior React Native Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere. Apply for the position you like most and land your dream career in the Senior —— role.