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Remote job at EPAM Anywhere: Senior Android developer

The Android senior developer job specialty is highly popular in the world of mobile application development. To a great extent, a senior-level professional manages a team of more junior colleagues. Find out what a specialist needs to get a remote senior Android developer job.

The role at a glance

An Android senior developer is a specialist who leads the full life cycle of an application, distributes certain tasks to each developer, and accepts project deliverables. They are responsible for the quality of a completed Android application.

They are to choose the most efficient automated methods for carrying out workflows so that the entire project gets completed with high quality and on time. Despite the managerial type of job, senior Android developers should understand all the details of creating an application and putting it into operation.

Main job responsibilities

Specialists who are looking for remote senior Android developers vacancies should be ready to perform the following duties:

  • Full-cycle development of mobile applications
  • Making expert adjustments to the development process
  • Automation of work processes
  • Effective distribution of tasks within the team
  • Improving job performance through proper management
  • Assistance to junior employees
  • Team building
  • Implementation of security policies
  • Improving the quality of the final product through the introduction of the most appropriate technologies
  • Estimating the time and budget required for development
  • Writing documentation
  • Mediation between the customer and the team
  • Putting the product into operation
  • Tasks quality control

Most companies put forward their own types of job responsibilities for senior Android developers.

Primary job requirements

We have collected the most common requirements for candidates for a senior Android developer job:

  • A master's degree in computer science
  • 4+ years of job experience as a developer or 1+ years as a senior developer
  • Practical knowledge in the field of application development
  • Ability to work with frameworks, application architecture, and web services
  • Fluency in development and quality assurance tools
  • Good time management
  • Ability to lead a development team
  • The ability to present a finished product
  • Ability to communicate within the team and clients

In addition, a senior Android developer must have an analytical mindset, multitasking skills, stress resistance, and the ability to think critically.

Benefits of choosing senior Android developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

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