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Senior Cloud Architect: a job at EPAM Anywhere

Cloud architecture is the main component of cloud computing, including client platform, delivery, server platform, and network. It allows you to create convenient and technologically advanced products based on deep technical computing. Learn how to get a job as a senior cloud software architect and why it is beneficial to work remotely and full-time at EPAM Anywhere.

Job features of the role

The main task of a senior cloud architect is planning and creating infrastructures based on cloud computing, as well as translating technical values into design and architectural solutions. The senior cloud architect tackles the complex challenges of integrating the best value propositions to meet partner and customer needs. The peculiarity of the work of this specialist is to maintain the perfect balance between manufacturability and efficiency, which requires deep knowledge and rich work experience.

A senior cloud software architect is the leader of a team including junior and middle cloud architects and other IT specialists.

Key job responsibilities of Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

Basically, the following job responsibilities are found in senior cloud solution architect jobs:

  • planning and development of architectural solutions for cloud-based products
  • team strategy planning
  • assessment of the compatibility of different products for integration
  • applying best practices to create successful products
  • product security control and provision of all processes to support it
  • finished product support
  • identification of mistakes and their prevention
  • cost estimation for the creation and integration of the architecture

A senior cloud solutions architect should be an effective conduit between the customer and the technology department. In addition, the cloud architect has to provide the most appropriate result for the client, which will be technological, attractive, and profitable.

Cloud architect job requirements

Before looking for senior cloud architect jobs, pay attention to the basic requirements for candidates:

  • A bachelor's or master's degree in engineering or computer science
  • 5+ years of commercial job experience as a cloud architect
  • in-depth knowledge of at least one operating system
  • knowledge of various types of networks
  • ability to work with security tools for cloud solutions
  • project management job experience
  • ability to develop complex architectures
  • understanding the basics of different programming languages and scripts
  • profound leadership skills
  • the motivation to develop perfect products
  • great communication skills

Often, the list of requirements for senior cloud architect jobs varies depending on the company and the nature of projects.

Benefits of choosing senior cloud architect jobs at EPAM Anywhere

By choosing the EPAM Anywhere platform, you choose a convenient remote work format, a competitive salary, and the opportunity to grow your career. To every senior cloud software architect, we offer world-class projects with the opportunity to constantly upgrade their job skills at a comfortable pace.

Apply for one of our open positions and start a new chapter of your career as a remote senior cloud architect!