Senior DevOps Engineer Jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote Senior DevOps Engineers.


Competitive compensation

We back all payments and operate in compliance with country-specific labor regulations. Your annual paycheck can range from $15k to $200k.


Numerous benefits

Make use of 1,500+ online and location-specific benefits across 30+ countries that also include healthcare and sports programs for you and your family.


Limitless career growth opportunities

Get access to a large-scale ecosystem that consists of educational and career development services created for your growth. A personal skill advisor will support you on each step of this journey.

Senior DevOps Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

With increasingly diverse groups of IT specialists working collaboratively on development teams to create highly optimized products, it's become essential to bridge the gap between developers and other IT professionals. Doing so effectively helps expedite the development process and improve reliability, security, and the speed of product delivery.

Every IT development team needs an expert with a comprehensive understanding of the product development life cycle. That’s where a Senior DevOps Engineer comes in. As a qualified Senior DevOps professional, the question for you is whether or not you are interested in working with one of the leading global software development companies, like EPAM Anywhere. If you are interested in being an EPAM Anywhere talent, then this is your long-awaited read.

Senior DevOps Engineer job description: core skills

While almost every sr DevOps Engineer would prefer employment in highly accredited companies, not everyone gets that opportunity. If you are interested in a position with EPAM Anywhere, our Senior DevOps Engineer job description includes the must-have set of skills,such as:

  • prior experience working with automation delivery tools including Ansible and Puppet
  • background using continuous integration tools like Jenkins
  • history working with cloud platforms
  • highly skilled in scripting with languages like Ruby and Python
  • understanding of continuous delivery pipelines
  • experience managing the supporting IT structure of software codes
  • background working with Cloudflare and Datadog
  • knowledge of SCM or version control tools
  • proficiency with application containerization platforms like docker
  • experience in application deployment on Google or Amazon
  • skill with automation testing tools

Soft skills of a DevOps Engineer

Soft skills may not always play a direct role in the development of a product but, as a sr DevOps Engineer, you can't succeed without them. Even a highly skilled Senior DevOps Engineer can become a liability on an expert application development team if they have low stress tolerance or lack other key soft skills. Some of the non-technical skills that we have identified as important are contained in our Senior DevOps Engineer job description. They include:

  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • strong leadership abilities
  • proven decision-making skills
  • superior listening and communication skills
  • good time management skills
  • willingness to be a team player
  • ability to mentor
  • high tolerance for stress
  • proficiency in English

Responsibilities of a Senior DevOps Engineer at EPAM Anywhere

While the Senior DevOps developer field is relatively new, their responsibilities are critically important as product development and design become increasingly more complex. They provide solutions to the challenges of application development on a team. The responsibilities of a sr DevOps Engineer on our team include:

  • following the performance and progress of a product after its release
  • employing testing protocols to verify app performance before its release
  • providing frequent alterations to programming codes
  • working collaboratively with members of the development team
  • troubleshooting errors in programming

Benefits of joining EPAM Anywhere as Senior DevOps

Senior DevOps experts have a number of opportunities on the job market. It's not surprising, however, that our vacancies have garnered considerable interest among Senior DevOps Engineers in light of the advantages of being an EPAMer. Some of the benefits that EPAM Anywhere offers include:

Unlimited possibilities for career growth

Progress and innovation are inevitable in application development, and companies and developers who are slow to recognize this are likely to be left behind. At EPAM Anywhere, we create an environment that nurtures ingenuity with our extensive library of learning materials as well as our workshops geared toward skill improvement. There really is no place quite like EPAM Anywhere, so why miss out on our Senior DevOps jobs?

Remote work

The circumstances of the last two years highlighted the benefits of remote work, especially in the IT world. At EPAM Anywhere, however, we are veterans in remote employment since we had already developed effective systems that combine the perks of both remote and in-office work. Our available positions provide a stable, predictable income, and the ability to work from the comfort of your home for the foreseeable future, long after the pandemic is over. If you like the comfort of remote employment, our Senior DevOps Engineer jobs are just what you are looking for.

Opportunity to work with leading experts

There are certainly benefits to working with your peers, but the chance to work with seasoned experts in software development who are generous with their rich experience and knowledge can help you take your career to the next level. Why would anyone want to pass up opportunities like these, available at EPAM Anywhere?