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Become a Senior React JS developer at EPAM Anywhere

A senior React JS developer is a UI development professional with over three years of job experience. This frontend specialist deals with layout, programming, team management, and planning of the entire project from inception to release. In addition to a deep knowledge of the React JS framework, there are many more requirements for the job candidate, analyzed below.

What are the characteristics of the job?

Unlike junior and middle-level frontend developers, React JS senior developers only deal with complex tasks in creating a user interface life cycle. They develop a strategy, choose the best concept, and act as managers in their teams. A senior React JS developer can also be a mentor for junior employees.

Job responsibilities of senior React JS developers

As a remote senior React JS developer, a specialist must perform the following job responsibilities:

  • Creating an attractive user interface
  • Selection of the most technologically advanced solutions
  • Building a strategy focused on the needs of the client
  • Cooperation with the development team and specialists from other departments
  • Building working relationships with the customer
  • Creation and distribution of job tasks among all developers
  • Assistance at all stages of product creation
  • Help in finding and fixing errors
  • Assessment of the work done based on tests
  • Process automation and productivity increase

When offering senior React JS developer jobs, we expect candidates to be persistent and willing to constantly develop in their profession. It's not an easy way to grow in the world of React JS but a very exciting one.

Requirements for getting senior React JS developer jobs

The main requirements related to senior React JS developer jobs include:

  • 4+ years of job experience as a React JS developer
  • Advanced programming skills
  • Deep knowledge of the JavaScript programming language
  • A bachelor's or master's degree
  • Ability to work with the DOM interface
  • Skills in working with HTML / CSS
  • Experience with regular expression patterns
  • Ability to work with libraries of data structures
  • Upper-intermediate English
  • Good communication skills

Many companies trust React JS senior developers to manage several projects at the same time, which requires multitasking and stress resistance from the specialist.

Benefits of getting senior React JS developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

If you are a React JS developer who is constantly willing to learn something new, then the EPAM Anywhere platform will help you realize your full potential. We offer a variety of relevant senior React JS developer remote jobs, as well as convenient work schedules, a huge database of training materials, productivity tools, and a range of location-specific benefits. Start discovering our job vacancies now.