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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A senior Ruby on Rails developer is a multifunctional professional who takes part in the development of functional software and web applications and also manages the maintenance of the entire project to achieve the best results. Before submitting your resume, read about all the job features, responsibilities, and requirements for this job.

What’s this job about?

Unlike other team members, a remote senior Ruby developer has a deeper understanding of the entire project as a whole. A Ruby developer’s main task is to understand what the client wants and find the best ways to implement the solution according to the requirements. In the development process, this specialist frequently takes on the management of other employees and the distribution of tasks.

Main job responsibilities

To get senior Ruby developer jobs, you need to be prepared to tackle complex tasks and work on multiple projects at once. You will become the main figure who will make strategic decisions. In addition, the list of duties of such a specialist includes:

  • Participation in writing scalable Ruby ​​code
  • Development of high-performance components for web applications
  • Testing to check the quality of the code
  • Working with the Ruby on Rails framework
  • Checking the job of junior specialists
  • Assisting the team at all stages of development
  • Securing the application
  • Support and implementation of product updates after release
  • Communication with other developers
  • Setting up APIs
  • Development of automated scripts
  • Integration of the best productivity tools

Additional benefits of the senior Ruby on Rails developer job are about ensuring healthy communication between the main management, team members, and the customer. Therefore, it is important for a specialist to maintain proper communication with each of them, taking into account personal qualities.

Primary job requirements

Senior Ruby developers are responsible for creating web applications and partially for managing development projects. To do this, they will need to meet the following job requirements:

  • Deep knowledge of various web development frameworks, databases, and libraries
  • More than 3 years of experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Ability to conduct testing at different stages and analyze the results
  • Possession of object-oriented and parallel programming skills
  • Deep knowledge of the Ruby on Rails framework
  • Taking part in all stages of software development
  • Ability to work with system configuration management
  • Experience with Agile software development
  • Metaprogramming skills
  • Process optimization and automation skills
  • Deep knowledge of AWS
  • Teamwork skills
  • The ability to properly distribute tasks
  • Time management skills

Some companies also require senior Ruby on Rails developers to code from scratch, so be prepared to do it as well.

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For every professional working with the Ruby on Rails framework, EPAM Anywhere offers senior Ruby developer jobs on a remote basis. We are constantly looking for goal-oriented professionals and offer you to advance your engineering and management skills by joining EPAM Anywhere.