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EPAM Anywhere is looking for remote Software Architects.


Enjoy financial stability

Apply for one of our Software Architect openings, join the project that you like most and receive regular competitive compensation that is compliant to country-specific labor regulations.


Get nice benefits

Joining EPAM Anywhere as a freelance Software Architect, you get an enterprise-level benefits suite that covers lots of discounts, health services, education programs and many more.


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At EPAM Anywhere, we're offering various career paths for even senior+ professionals! A personal Skill Advisor will support your comfortable growth, share actionable career advice and help you hit your next career target.

Boost Your Career as a Remote Software Architect with EPAM Anywhere

Software Architect – a subject of awe and admiration for their exceptional skills and years they dedicated to mastering them. They saw stuff, fought many battles, and certainly have a story or two to tell the future grandkids.

With a rewarding salary, good growth potential, and high demand among employers, Software Development Architect became the best job of 2020.

Designer and developer, leader and communicator, visioner, strategist, and executer – if you are all of the above, we urge you to take on one of the remote Software Architect jobs at EPAM Anywhere. Here we partner with leading IT brands worldwide and help them onboard industry best talents. With us, you'll get only the projects that meet your skills. So you won't be bored, you will be growing, and the paycheck will be steady and fair.

If you're as excited as we’re, take a look at what you need to boost your career with EPAM Anywhere.

Capital skills for any Software Architect

As a high-level decision-maker, Principal Software Architect should have a versatile skill set with exceptional technical expertise and the ability to take owner-grade responsibility. Let's go through only the top skills you most likely will be asked when taking on Remote Software Architect jobs.

Hard skills remote Software Architect jobs require:

  • Degree in computer science, applied mathematics, or relevant
  • Extensive technical background – the position typically requires 5 to 10 years' experience in programming
  • Extensive coding experience with the use of various sets of technologies
  • Proved and in-depth knowledge of cloud technologies – at least 3+ years-worth expertise with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Expertise in database designing, a profound understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases, hands-on experience with various RDBMS

Soft skills to rock-n-roll as a remote Software Architect:

  • Fluent communication skills
  • Proficiency in both internal and external Business Correspondence
  • Leadership, ability to mentor and coordinate technical teams, and promote the best tech solutions for business owners
  • Strong negotiation and conflict management skills
  • Profound self-efficiency skills – ability to make mature business decisions, work in a team, and handle stress
  • Understanding of a specific business domain
  • At least B2 (upper-intermediate) writing and speaking English

What nearly any Software Architect does

The scope of responsibilities for Software Architect positions is broad and deep. Among underlying duties are:

  • Gathering and evaluating business requirements and needs of stakeholders
  • Designing, architecting, and reviewing the whole system
  • Choosing the technologies and deployment methods
  • Writing and updating project documentation
  • Checking the quality of code at every stage of the development
  • Mentoring tech-leads and developers
  • Supervising testing and deployment
  • Managing releases

Apply for one of the Remote Software Architect jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Being a remote Software Architect is as challenging as rewarding. If you're ready to take the challenge and join one of the top tech companies, wait no more – check out available vacancies and apply!