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Solution Architect freelance jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The IT Solution Architect role is crucial for every project. That's why the industry offers a vast number of Solution Architect remote and in-house jobs. As it comes from the name, the Senior Solution Architect is responsible for the future product's architecture. Precisely, these professionals shape the architecture's vision, suggest its building blocks, and make sure the architecture implemented by engineers matches the initial concept.

This role implies an extremely high level of responsibility and apparently requires highly competent professionals. What knowledge and experience should they have under their belt to be effective Solution Architects?

Core skills and technologies required for a rockstar IT Solution Architect

The IT Solution Architect needs to have a definite level of abstraction and the ability to think on a level of the interaction of applications, web services, and other solution components. What other skills and competencies are required within Solution Architect remote and onsite jobs?

  • Ability to deeply understand business and its needs to ensure that solution addresses business issues
  • Experience in building solution infrastructure, deploying and maintaining it
  • Having substantial technical knowledge
  • Ability to navigate the code and perform the code review
  • Expressing decision-maker and leadership skills
  • Strong background either as a business analyst, delivery manager, project manager, or automation tester
  • Proficiency in microservices and cloud technologies

Solution Architect Vacancies needing Senior Solution Architects have a list of additional requirements, including a set of soft skills as well. These requirements include:

  • Hands-on solution architecture and knowledge of its best practices
  • Proficiency in preparing product roadmap
  • Strong understanding of database development
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Demonstrating strong stress tolerance
  • Willingness to continuously learn and master the knowledge

Key responsibilities typical for Solution Architect remote jobs

A set of responsibilities in Solution Architect vacancies may vary slightly depending on the specific project needs and requirements. Yet, most Solution Architect remote jobs require that Solution Architect would:

  • Analyze customer goals and product fundamental requirements
  • Audit customer's existing solutions to propose updates and improvements
  • Continually research existing and emerging technologies and updates
  • Plan the future solution architecture design and supervise its implementation
  • Prepare specifications for suggested solutions
  • Build effective communication with the customer and engineers to articulate the technical issues early on and resolve them fast
  • Perform risks, time, resources, and scope management within the project

Land Senior Solution Architect job with EPAM Anywhere

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