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Python Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 18 April 2022updated 04 August 2022

Python is one of the top three most popular programming languages that many programmers start their developer careers with. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the language’s accessibility.

Experts use its capabilities almost everywhere for:

  • Web and mobile applications
  • Big data applications
  • Testing
  • AI
  • Automation
  • Machine learning

But what does a Python developer do? We have prepared a standard Python developer job description template to help candidates easily create an effective resume, and to help companies quickly prepare vacancies for exposure by adjusting a few individual elements.

Main job description

Python developers tend to specialize in creating different products that meet the goals of the project. Most often, this is the development of the entire server part of web applications. A successful specialist knows how to perform at all stages with expert quality, including: planning, writing scalable code, conducting testing, and bringing the product to market. The programmer must have extensive experience in project management, and be able to adapt to every condition at all stages of the creation process.

Python developers in this specialty are expected to possess a deeper knowledge of the programming language, unlike other specialty professions that simply use it. A Python professional is expected to solve the most complex problems that appear within the framework of using this language.

Python developer roles and responsibilities

Python developers may take on many tasks, but their primary responsibility consists of creating a full life cycle of scalable code, and creating internal elements that are fully adapted to the target audience. Additional Python developer roles and responsibilities include:

  • Testing applications at different levels
  • Application improvement
  • Product debugging
  • Searching for and correcting errors
  • Development of new tools for traffic monitoring
  • Coordination with other teams to improve the product
  • Development and implementation of data security solutions
  • Creation of backend components, digital elements, and information storage solutions
  • Development of internal components and solutions to improve the response in applications

The Python developer job description also states that the candidate must collaborate with other developers working on the project.

Python requirements

Most often, the list of Python requirements from job descriptions includes:

  • A Master's or Bachelor's degree in computer technology
  • 3+ years of experience as a Python developer or equivalent
  • Excellent coding skills
  • Ability to create clean and understandable code
  • Deep knowledge of several Python frameworks (depending on the technology stack)
  • Understanding of a large number of Python libraries
  • Expert grasp of testing and debugging tools
  • Experience with interface technologies
  • Ability to interact with ORM libraries

In addition, a Python developer should have in-depth knowledge of Python syntax basics, workflow automation techniques, and various data types. Most often a specialist is required to have knowledge in the field of interface technologies, as well. At the interview, appropriate tests are conducted and specific questions are asked to confirm the candidate's qualifications for the position.

Skills of Python developers

To fulfill Python developer roles and responsibilities, it is also beneficial to have the following skills:

  • Ability to work alongside other developers
  • Time management skills
  • A desire for self-education
  • Desire to grow up the career ladder within the company
  • Motivation to create an exclusive and unique product

According to the job description, a Python developer will be responsible for creating all the server-side logic, from the planning stage to implementing updates to the final product. Therefore, employers often require a candidate to have various skills and meet multiple requirements which ultimately depend on the direction of the company, its goals, and expectations.

We've covered the majority of standard Python developer roles and responsibilities — now all you have to do is add your specific qualities, and integrate them into your vacancy or resume.