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Python Developer Resume Sample

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 24 January 2023

A resume is your ticket to your dream job. But unlike a ticket you buy, you can make it a winner or a loser. A good resume will get picked up by the automatic tracking systems often used by recruiters and get you invited to interviews, making the path to your desired job significantly shorter. Therefore, in this article, we will learn how to create Python resume points.

How to write a Python developer resume

There are two types of resumes: functional and chronological. The task of both is to present the candidate as profitably as possible by talking about their experience, skills, and knowledge. But a chronological resume for a Python developer is more suitable for experienced professionals, while a functional one is better to use for an intern or junior Python developer position.


This is your welcome and introduction. Usually, you write the title before the name. Here are some examples:

  1. Full stack Python developer with 3 years of experience in developing and running Django-Python applications
  2. Python developer with 5 years of IT experience, software engineer, Salesforce developer
  3. Java/Python developer, an expert in designing and running web applications

After the title, you should write your name and contact information: phone number, address, email, pages on professional social networks, and website. Use our Python sample resume to fill out the rest.

Python sample resume skills

At this point, you need to describe all the tools, services, frameworks, and languages — including the main ones — you used in your work. You should not include anything with which you are only superficially familiar, even if the job requires knowledge and experience in it. Say you have a desire to deepen your knowledge or hone your skills in this direction, but do not deceive. Here you can also separately specify your soft skills. Which ones to focus on can be found in the job description.

Further, the points of the chronological and functional resume are different. If you are writing a resume as an experienced developer, you need to list all your previous places of work in order.

Python resume points: experience

In this section, describe all prior places of work, job responsibilities, and achievements in reverse order:

Company, city, state, country



  • Participation in all stages of web application development from requirements analysis and design to product launch and maintenance
  • Development of applications on Django with MVC


  • Participated in the full development cycle of 20 SDLC software
  • Created user interfaces based on Ajax, HTML, and JSON templates

For a functional Python skills resume, if you have little experience, it is not necessary to indicate the company you worked for or the time frame; you can simply describe what you did at your previous job. Pay attention to the items included in the duties of the desired position:

  • Implemented the OpenStack tool for analyzing the cloud environment
  • Made settings and managed such components as Keystone, Nova, Neutron, Glance, Swift, and Heat

Be sure to start each paragraph with an action verb. This helps the recruiter quickly understand your role in completing the task.


Here, in reverse order, indicate all educational institutions, courses, and master classes you have completed in your speciality. The more specialization keywords you include, the more chances that the automatic system will highlight one of them and the HR specialist will see it.


If you send out your Python developer resume yourself, modify it for each vacancy. Rearrange the items in some places and adapt it to the requirements of the company. But do not exaggerate your merits or talk about what you do not know. Using this sample and following these Python resume points will give you the best chance of getting your dream job.