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EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance Machine Learning Engineers.


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Freelance Machine Learning Engineer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A machine learning engineer is an extremely promising vacancy. Based on Indeed data, job postings on the ML engineer position have grown by 344% since 2018. Analytics Insight also predicts that vacancies in artificial intelligence will exceed 20 million by 2023.

Specialists with AI and ML skills see a whopping demand across a wide spectrum of industries from banking and healthcare to public safety.

At EPAM Anywhere platform, we offer manifold machine learning software engineer jobs

in stable, long-lasting projects. We provide different types of cooperation, both part-time and full-time. Read the description below to discover the must-have competences and main duties needed for an ML engineer and grasp these work opportunities.

Core technical and soft skills for remote ML Engineer jobs

Machine Learning makes predictions based on mathematics and statistics. A machine learning engineer typically experiments with different ML algorithms that will solve a particular problem, creates prototypes and ready-made solutions. Let’s see in more detail the skills required for this role:

  • In-depth expertise in applied mathematics
  • Proficiency with C, C++, Java, or Python programming languages
  • Ability to create distributed applications using Hadoop or Spark
  • Evaluation of a large dataset and data modeling
  • Good background in prototyping
  • Sentiment Analysis, Computer Linguistics, and Natural Language Processing

If you’re applying for a senior remote ML engineer jobs, it’s necessary to have

  • Solid organizational and management skills
  • Deep knowledge of data science
  • Competence at creating and optimizing computer science, neural networks, and machine learning algorithms
  • Proficiency in creating, deploying, and improving ML models
  • Knowledge of NLP and computer vision

When it comes to soft skills, a senior-level machine learning engineer should have

  • Proven leadership skills, including team building, problem-solving, business- and data-driven decision making
  • Excellent writing, presentation, and negotiation skills
  • Analytical mind-set and critical thinking
  • Adaptability skills, self-sustainability, and continuous learning

Key duties for Machine Learning Software Engineer jobs

Beyond creating and deploying a modern ML model, an ML engineer builds the software needed to run and support them, and much more:

  • Cooperates closely with project stakeholders on identifying business problems, clarifying requirements, and determining the scope of work
  • Uses statistical modeling to create algorithms
  • Prototypes new approaches and put them into production at scale
  • Designs, builds, tests, and maintains scalable ML models
  • Predicts unseen instances and detecting actionable insights via data modeling and evaluation
  • Leads cross-functional, cross-organizational teams on product management, software engineering, and design

Next steps in your career path

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