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Web Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 19 September 2022

Web developers are specialists responsible for creating the external and technical parts of web applications. They also improve system performance, expand functionality, and adapt to the appropriate amount of traffic. Some professionals also know how to work with the internal part of the product and produce content when it is necessary to make it as technologically advanced as possible.

The qualifications of a web developer are extensive, but should not be confused with those of a web designer or a full stack developer. To get better acquainted with the specialty, we offer a template web developer job description. Knowing all of the responsibilities, necessary skills, and requirements will make it easier for a candidate to create a resume, and for a recruiter to register a vacancy.

Web Developer Job Description Template

Companies hire web developers to create a functional and scalable website with a modern design. Professionals almost always work in conjunction with other developers from related specialties.

Requirements of Web Developer

To meet the expectations of the company, web developers must meet certain job requirements, depending on their competence level. The number of requirements for juniors is minimal — they usually perform small tasks under the guidance of senior colleagues. Senior specialists are expected to have extensive work experience, and the ability to manage the entire project and a department of subordinates. But there is a single set of web developer requirements that applies to entry-level, intermediate, and senior-level employees:

  1. Master's or bachelor's degree in computer technology
  2. 2+ years of work experience in a similar position
  3. Deep knowledge of server languages
  4. Experience with productivity tools, web projects, and web services
  5. Knowledge of content design rules, SEO tools, and new technologies
  6. Ability to work with various workflow automation tools
  7. Security skills
  8. Ability to work with databases

To work remotely, you will also need organization, time management skills, and a responsible attitude toward working at home.

Roles and Responsibilities of Web Developer

Web developer roles and responsibilities on a project include the following:

  1. Create websites from scratch
  2. Develop and code
  3. Test and support created programs
  4. Use various programming languages
  5. Assess the target audience to create a user-friendly application
  6. Integrate various tools and extensions
  7. Develop digital products
  8. Introduce updates and technologies into the finished product
  9. Create product backups
  10. Search for and correct errors
  11. Create and edit content
  12. Make adjustments after customer evaluations
  13. Check the code and the entire project for compliance with standards

Web developer duties also include maintaining optimal communication with the department manager, company management, and the customer. This will allow you to make a product that meets all requirements.

Web Developer Soft Skills

Web developers require more than just technical knowledge and skills. They are also expected to have certain soft skills, including stress resistance, time management, attention to detail, and a positive attitude toward making edits.

A web developer must also constantly continue to educate themselves and engage in development to keep track of the latest technologies and implement them in their projects. For many companies, an employee's desire to continuously improve their qualifications is an important hiring consideration and part of the job description. Some even offer a personal incentive for this in the form of career opportunities and free educational platforms.

Web developers are team players who work with other developers, web designers, and IT professionals. Therefore, they also need to have excellent communication skills.