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AWS System Architect for a Financial Technology Company

AWS System Architect for a Financial Technology Company 40 часов в неделю, 12+ месяцев
К сожалению, вакансия более не актуальна.

We're looking for a remote AWS System Architect with 6+ years of software development experience with substantial cloud experience to join our team.

The customer is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure, serving over 40,000 institutions in approximately 190 countries. It provides leading data and insights, trading platforms, and open data and technology platforms that connect a thriving global financial markets community - driving performance in trading, investment, wealth management, regulatory compliance, market data management, enterprise risk, and fighting financial crime.

In this position, you will ensure architecture supports the execution of critical business applications and develop high-level continuance plans in the event of a lapse in the architectural infrastructure. Implement the balance between business and technology, provide consultancy into the project teams and define the architecture governance function, signing off governance architecture against well-defined standards and best practices.

In addition to extensive software development expertise, the extensive knowledge of architecting solutions across the full stack is desired. The position also requires an ability to communicate effectively with senior level stakeholders in the business and bring strong strategic leadership to these interactions.


  • Effectively lead team of Cloud Architect building cloud services
    • Collaborate with teams across the business to set standards and best practices
      • Understand the importance of communicating risk assessments
        • Provide technical governance of projects to ensure adherence with standards
          • Provide technical recommendations to senior management
            • Infrastructure automation


              • 6+ years of software development experience with substantial cloud experience
                • 2+ years of relevant leadership experience
                  • Experience building software following cloud native architecture methodologies
                    • Experience building cloud native applications and services utilizing ephemeral hardware running in public cloud such as AWS or similar
                      • Extensive software development experience utilizing Agile and DevOps methodologies
                        • Extensive experience working with AWS
                          • Understanding of security best practices for the cloud
                            • Knowledge of a wide array of Infrastructure and Platform technologies including distributed data stores, container management and serverless architectures
                              • IaC experience, Terraform knowledge
                                • Understanding of CI/CD pipelines
                                  • Understanding of 3rd party software and experience in evaluating their architectures
                                    • Understanding of Software Development process
                                      • Ability to set scope and deliver quality results
                                        • Strong interpersonal skills supported by expressive oral and written communication styles
                                          • Experience reviewing, designing, and implementing solutions for large enterprise systems
                                            • Experience working with business stakeholders and project managers
                                              • Proven ability to oversee multiple technical projects and provide technical guidance
                                                • Deep technical understanding of cloud-native architecture and engineering best practices
                                                  • Ability to contribute to, influence, or direct a variety of projects concurrently
                                                    • Ability to mentor Architects and engineering staff
                                                      • Ability to make formal and informal technical presentations
                                                        • Ability to lead and take command of meetings
                                                          • Experienced in working with vendors
                                                            • UK working hours (9 AM – 5 PM)

                                                              Nice to have

                                                              • Experience with Azure, GCP
                                                                • Experience with Python
                                                                  • Understanding of data-center infrastructure
                                                                    • Understanding of network communications and related technologies

                                                                      Бенефиты в поддерживаемых странах


                                                                      Для тебя

                                                                      • Стабильный заработок
                                                                      • Доступ к тысячам проектов для мировых брендов
                                                                      • Персональный менеджер по карьерному развитию

                                                                      Для твоей комфортной работы

                                                                      • 100% удаленная работа
                                                                      • Бесплатный лицензионный софт
                                                                      • Возможность работать на личном оборудовании (BYOD)
                                                                      • Стабильная загрузка
                                                                      • Возможности релокации
                                                                      • Разные форматы трудоустройства

                                                                      Для твоего роста

                                                                      • Бесплатные тренинги по hard и soft skills
                                                                      • Доступ к LinkedIn Learning платформе
                                                                      • Курсы иностранных языков
                                                                      • Доступ к внутренним и внешним электронным библиотекам
                                                                      • Доступ к внутренним сообществам и центрам компетенций
                                                                      • Программа поддержки в сертификации

                                                                      40 часов в неделю

                                                                      Нагрузка в неделю

                                                                      12+ месяцев

                                                                      Продолжительность проекта


                                                                      Локации, доступные для позиции