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Lead AWS Developer for a Healthcare Company

Lead AWS Developer for a Healthcare Company 40 часов в неделю, 12+ месяцев

Currently, we are hiring an energetic, motivated, and passionate remote Lead AWS Developer with 5+ years of software development experience to help us build an AWS cloud platform which will consume data-streams from customer factories and organize data in one usable product where users would be able to see how the factory performs on the factory, production line, frame, sensor level. All data will be represented with rich UI charts.

The customer is a world leader in the design and manufactures of web gauging measurement instrumentation. They produce complex hardware and software for manufacturing facilities.

As a member of the Development team, you will design the Edge Device solution with project, customer Architects. Develop a solution that will send data from factory to cloud.


  • Design the Edge Device solution with project, customer Architects
    • Develop a solution that will send data from factory to cloud


      • 5+ years of software development experience
        • 1+ years of leadership experience
          • Experience in AWS IoT Core
            • Experience in AWS Greengrass
              • Knowledge of MQTT Broker and MQTT TLS 1.2
                • Knowledge of SQL/NoSQL DBs
                  • Relevant experience with Big Data (e.g., 80 edge devices connected to 80 edge devices, which have to stream gigabytes payloads every hour to cloud gateway with a minimum delay)

                    Nice to have

                    • Experience in OPC UA
                      • Knowledge of SiteWise


                        • EPAM tools - Atlassian (Jira/Confluence), Jenkins, GitHub, Sonar, ReportPortal, MS Teams and Slack
                          • MQTT broker to store IoT data from factory equipment
                            • Edge Device (AWS Greengrass + AWS IoT core) located on factory to aggregate, transform and send data to Cloud (AWS Lambda)
                              • AWS Lambdas (Java) ingest data to AWS MSK (Kafka)
                                • Stream processing with AWS EMR (Apache Flink)
                                  • Raw data storage by Flink to S3 Buckets
                                    • Processed data storage by Flink to AWS TimeStream
                                      • CORE (Java, Spring stack) data access, API
                                        • AWS Cognito as identity provider
                                          • AWS RDS (Postgres) for asset management, common use
                                            • SPA web app to access API (Angular)

                                              We offer

                                              • Competitive compensation depending on experience and skills
                                                • Work in enterprise-level projects on a long-term basis
                                                  • You will have a 100% remote full-time job
                                                    • Unlimited access to learning courses (LinkedIn learning, EPAM training courses, English regular classes, Internal Library)
                                                      • Community of 38,000+ industry’s top professionals

                                                        Бенефиты в поддерживаемых странах


                                                        Для тебя

                                                          • ДМС для тебя и скидки на медицинские услуги для твоей семьи
                                                          • Бесплатные сессии с профессиональными психологами и коучами
                                                          • Бесплатные спортивные и оздоровительные онлайн-программы
                                                          • Стабильный заработок
                                                          • Оплачиваемый отпуск

                                                        Для твоей комфортной работы

                                                        • 100% удаленная работа
                                                        • Бесплатный лицензионный софт
                                                        • Возможность работать на личном оборудовании (BYOD)
                                                        • Стабильная загрузка
                                                        • Возможности релокации
                                                        • Разные форматы трудоустройства

                                                          Для твоего роста

                                                          • Бесплатные тренинги по hard и soft skills
                                                          • Доступ к LinkedIn Learning платформе
                                                          • Курсы иностранных языков
                                                          • Доступ к внутренним и внешним электронным библиотекам
                                                          • Программа поддержки в сертификации
                                                          • Персональный менеджер по карьерному развитию

                                                            40 часов в неделю

                                                            Нагрузка в неделю

                                                            12+ месяцев

                                                            Продолжительность проекта

                                                            Belarus, Colombia, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

                                                            Локации, доступные для позиции