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Senior Front-End Developer for Luxury Fashion Company

Senior Front-End Developer for Luxury Fashion Company 40 часов в неделю, 12+ месяцев

We are looking for a remote Senior Front-End Developer with 2+ years of experience in front-end development, strong experience working with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, experience using front-end HTML/CSS frameworks to join our team.

Today we are a global team of technologists and thinkers, who help transform the world with the power of software, enabling our customers to be competitive and disruptive in the marketplace through innovative technology solutions.

Our customer is a worldwide famous luxury fashion house, which distributes premium clothing, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics. Being one of the world's most valuable brands, they constantly provide their clients with growth opportunities across their existing channels, products, and regions. As a global luxury retailer and manufacturer, the customer employs nearly 11 000 people in over 50 countries and operates in nearly 500 retail locations all over the world.

We are working on the integration of a big amount of our client’s systems, and we need a smart and ready-to-learn person to help us to perform this challenging task. More than 30 interconnected systems are waiting for integration, more than 60 information scenarios are presented and what is more, a new system is being developed — and that means 30 new scenarios additionally. Thus, a lot of interesting and challenging tasks are waiting for you.


  • 2+ years of experience in front-end development
    • Strong experience working with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
      • Experience using front-end HTML/CSS frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, HTML 5 Boilerplate, or similar
        • Experience with jQuery, jQuery UI or similar JavaScript libraries
          • Experience with Git will be plus
            • Knowledge of SCSS, Webpack and Backbone will be a plus
              • Understanding of UI/UX process workflow will be a plus
                • Good spoken and written English

                  Бенефиты в поддерживаемых странах


                  Для тебя

                  • Стабильный заработок
                  • Доступ к тысячам проектов для мировых брендов
                  • Персональный менеджер по карьерному развитию

                  Для твоей комфортной работы

                  • 100% удаленная работа
                  • Бесплатный лицензионный софт
                  • Возможность работать на личном оборудовании (BYOD)
                  • Стабильная загрузка
                  • Возможности релокации
                  • Разные форматы трудоустройства

                  Для твоего роста

                  • Бесплатные тренинги по hard и soft skills
                  • Доступ к LinkedIn Learning платформе
                  • Курсы иностранных языков
                  • Доступ к внутренним и внешним электронным библиотекам
                  • Доступ к внутренним сообществам и центрам компетенций
                  • Программа поддержки в сертификации

                  40 часов в неделю

                  Нагрузка в неделю

                  12+ месяцев

                  Продолжительность проекта

                  Brazil, China, Colombia, Mexico

                  Локации, доступные для позиции