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lead java full stack developer

Java, Angular, Elasticsearch, REST API, Redis, Spring Boot, Google Cloud Platform

We're seeking a Lead Java Developer for our remote team.
In this position, you'll play a key role in developing solid backend services using Java and SpringBoot within a microservice architecture. Your tasks will include creating dynamic, responsive front-end applications through Angular (version 13+). You'll also formulate RESTful APIs and event-based messaging to allow smooth communication between services, ensuring fluid data flow from the frontend to the backend. Other responsibilities will involve leveraging Redis for efficient data caching and using ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL for advanced data storage and querying capabilities. You will also manage the deployment of services on the Google Cloud Platform, prioritizing scalability, security, and performance.

  • Leadership in developing solid backend services using Java and SpringBoot within a microservice architecture
  • Creation of dynamic, responsive front-end applications with Angular (version 13+)
  • Designing of RESTful APIs and event-based messaging for smooth interservice communication
  • Leverage of Redis for efficient data caching and usage of ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL for advanced data storage and querying capabilities
  • Management and deployment of services on the Google Cloud Platform with focus on scalability, security, and performance
  • Cross-team collaboration to drive the project to success, mentoring junior developers and promoting a culture of innovation and continuous learning
  • Regular evaluation of the application's performance and optimization of code and infrastructure to meet performance benchmarks
  • Five years or more of software development experience; with emphasis on Java, SpringBoot, and Angular (version 13+)
  • Demonstrated leadership in managing teams of developers
  • Proficiency in developing microservices architecture, including expertise in RESTful API design and event-based systems
  • Proficient with Redis, ElasticSearch, and PostgreSQL for efficient data caching and storage
  • Comprehensive understanding of agile methodologies and software development best practices
  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities and systematic approach to challenges
  • Effective communication and leadership in projects; collaborative team player
  • Fluency in English with at least an upper-intermediate level competency for smooth communication with the team
nice to have
  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
  • Domain-specific industry experience preferably in Real Estate, Insurance, Mortgage, Commercial or Residential Tax
  • Proven ability with cloud platforms, ideally the Google Cloud Platform

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