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Профессиональное выгорание: что это такое и как его победить

В этом гайде мы рассказываем о причинах и симптомах выгорания, а также делимся нашим коллективным опытом в борьбе с ним.

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Burning matches

How to Spot Burnout Symptoms: 5 Things You Should Keep an Eye On

In this post, we're taking a look at the signs of exhaustion and burnout at work to help you spot the problem before it becomes too late.

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Smartphones on a blue background

Top 8 Mobile Testing Tools for Software Test Engineers

There are countless applications to aid your testing process. Out of the many mobile testing tools, we have picked the best ones. Read on to find the most suitable option for your project.

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Laptop with the lines of code on the screen, smartphone, lamp and speaker on the table

WFH Life Hacks: Top 7 Tips on Creating the Best Home Office Ever

In this article, we share advice and life hacks on WFH that will make your home office comfortable and functional – and your work more productive and efficient.

Удаленная работа и продуктивность / 7 мин

A man standing on the victory podium with a gold cup in his hands

Valery Barysok Sets EPAM Record by Passing 5 Google Cloud Certification Programs in 2 Days

Here, Valery Barysok, Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Belarus, describes his path to becoming e a developer, explains how he learned Google Cloud Platform, and, most interesting, shares his success secrets.

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A smiling woman sits in front of her laptop with a dog on her knees and working from home

Top 8 Tips for Enhanced Productivity while Working Remotely

We spoke to some of our EPAMers and asked them to share their experience and recommend how to stay productive while working remotely.

Удаленная работа и продуктивность / 6 мин

Elderly man and woman use smartphones

Shift-Left Strategy in Accessible Product Development

In this post, our accessibility experts share tips and tricks for creating an effective development process and accessible product with a shift-left strategy in mind.

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Speech bubble with three dots

Best Practices for Effective Remote Team Communication

Working with remote teams brings challenges like keeping up with productivity levels, communication, and engagement. In our new post, we share tips for effective and engaging communication in remote teams.

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Mobius loop

Kubernetes: the Good, the Bad, the Truly Awful

In this post, we're taking a deeper look at the benefits and drawbacks you're likely to experience when rolling out your project with Kubernetes.

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Superman flies skyward with the dark blue background

Everything You Wanted to Know About Building a Career Development Plan

A career development plan is a smart way to climb the career ladder avoiding unnecessary stress and roadblocks. In this post, we’re sharing key tips for working with it effectively.

Карьера и обучение / 7 мин

A man stands at the top of a hill of a yellow flag in his hands

EPAM Anywhere Systems Engineer: Here's How I Got Multiple Cloud Certificates in Just 9 Months

In this interview, EPAM Anywhere Systems Engineer describes his journey to becoming a DevOps Engineer and shares his tips & tricks for getting multiple certificates - no matter what the subject is.

Карьера и обучение / 4 мин

A red boxing glove reading classic freelance and a blue boxing glove reading Anywhere Freelance

Freelance vs. Remote Work at EPAM Anywhere: Personal Experience

Here, our Lead Software Engineer describes how he turned from a WFH skeptic into a successful EPAM Anywhere pro, talks about essential skills, and explains how work with EPAM Anywhere is different from the classic freelance.

Карьера и обучение / 4 мин

Javascript courses

Best JavaScript Courses to Learn Coding Online

In this blog post, we share a list of online JavaScript courses available across the globe that provide JavaScript coding best practices, tips, and tricks.

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6 Common Mistakes in JavaScript a Mid - Senior Developer Should Know and Be Able to Tackle

In this post, Bryan, a Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Anywhere, describes common JavaScript mistakes that Middle and Senior Software Developers should be aware of and know how to handle.

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