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PHP Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A PHP developer is a specialist who manages server services and writes the logic of web products. They develop various internal components from scratch and organize the relationship between the final product, servers, and users. The PHP programming language is complex, so the value of professionals is especially high.

To introduce you to the specialty in more detail, we have prepared a job template, which can also be used to create a PHP developer vacancy and prepare a resume.

Main job description

A PHP developer’s job often involves multitasking. In addition to developing their products, they often help developers of an external server, implement interface elements, and write plugins for certain frameworks.

PHP developer job responsibilities

When submitting your resume to PHP developer jobs, be prepared to take on the following responsibilities:

  1. Create programs and websites
  2. Write easily scalable and clean code
  3. Create PHP models
  4. Integrate internal elements focused on user experience and developed by front-end specialists
  5. Adapt products for different browsers
  6. Create detailed specifications
  7. Test at different stages
  8. Search for the best solutions to produce a quality product
  9. Develop internal features
  10. Implement updates
  11. Search for and correct errors
  12. Implement security and data storage features

The list of duties for jobs will depend on your professional level and the company and its values. If you plan to work from home, there will not be much difference in the front tasks. The most important thing is to maintain high performance and constantly communicate with the customer and management.

PHP developer vacancy requirements

Specialists must meet the following basic requirements to obtain a remote PHP developer job:

  1. Ability to work with the PHP platform and knowledge of all its specifications
  2. Basic knowledge of frontend development
  3. Deep knowledge of web frameworks and PHP synchronous behavior
  4. Knowledge of the basics of interface technologies
  5. Experience with various internal features of PHP
  6. Knowledge of automation tools
  7. Master's or bachelor's degree in computer technology
  8. Ability to design and create application architecture
  9. Understanding of security principles
  10. Ability to work with PHP databases
  11. Possession of the latest technological capabilities
  12. Ability to integrate several databases into one system
  13. Experience working with frontend developers
  14. 2+ years of experience in a similar position

In addition, if you work from home, it is important to be able to independently solve complex problems, discipline yourself, and constantly improve your knowledge to keep up with the rapidly changing IT field and maintain your qualifications.

Soft skills for obtaining PHP developer work

In addition to technical skills, in any profession, certain soft skills and personal qualities are highly valued. PHP developer jobs often require from the candidate:

  1. Stress resistance
  2. Time management skills
  3. Ability to solve complex problems
  4. Desire to constantly develop
  5. Ability to find and correct mistakes
  6. Positive attitude toward edits

Online PHP developer work is an opportunity to work from home in the most convenient conditions. It’s important to learn how to separate the workplace from the recreation area, and properly allocate time for solving all problems.