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Big Data Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Big data developers create various products using programming and development processes. The purpose of the latter is to accommodate a huge data flow in the company’s business processes, which the usual databases are not able to cope with. Most often, big data developers work with the Hadoop platform and create software using various programming languages ​​and tools. Big data developer jobs involve many different tasks and the use of various methods to achieve goals.

Main job description

In any business, there are processes that require reliable software. Big data developers are able to process a huge amount of data every day to achieve the necessary requirements for any project. These professionals need to be familiar with many technologies and be able to find the optimal solution for any problem. A huge benefit of the profession is that you can work from home.

Big data developer job responsibilities

Online and offline big data developer work involves the following responsibilities:

  1. Produce products for processing a huge data stream
  2. Analyze data
  3. Ensure a quick response from the product to solve the problems of the company
  4. Support for scalability and high performance of developed services
  5. Detail complex projects
  6. Develop and implement Hadoop applications
  7. Ensure the security of data storage
  8. Set up all automation processes and access data quickly

The number of responsibilities will depend on the skill level of the big data developer. Juniors will not have to do even half of the above. Their job is to perform routine tasks under the supervision of senior specialists. But for middle and senior professionals, the list can grow. For example, a senior big data developer often fills the role of a manager. They constantly monitor the performance of their subordinates, manage them, and distribute the entire scope of tasks.

Requirements for big data developer work

There are many requirements for a big data developer, but we have chosen the most common ones that are required for both office and online jobs:

  1. 2+ years of experience in a similar job position
  2. Excellent knowledge of several programming languages
  3. Ability to debug huge data streams
  4. Experience with different visualization and data analysis tools
  5. Deep knowledge of modeling and data structuring processes
  6. Knowledge of streaming frameworks and automation tools
  7. Familiarity with one scripting language
  8. Bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology
  9. Knowledge of ETL methodology and agile principles
  10. Experience in creating high-volume applications based on open source systems
  11. Knowledge of the basics of machine learning and the Hadoop ecosystem

Personal qualities of big data developers

Big data developer jobs require more than just technical skills. These specialists are often tied to a whole team of professionals from other IT areas. Big data developers must have a high level of communication, the ability to delegate tasks to their colleagues, and the desire to work together with other specialists.

There are additional requirements for working from home. If you are sure that you are ready for a remote job in the big data developer specialty, make sure you have the right qualities. You will need to be good at separating your work area from your place of rest and have excellent time management skills.