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Remote Backend Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The specialists who are engaged in backend development are responsible for the entire server part of the product creation. The tasks in this specialization are very different — developers can be involved in the creation of stationary programs, web resources, applications, and the improvement and scaling of ready-made products.

When hiring for remote backend developer jobs, companies have a standard set of requirements and list of responsibilities. After familiarizing themselves with them, a specialist will be able to create an effective resume and a recruiter will be able to quickly find the right candidate for the job.

What is the backend developer job about?

The main task of a backend developer is to create a product that will fully function according to the requirements of the client, within the framework of the task set by the management. The solution must have certain functionality, be adapted to work on different devices, and provide possible updates and extensions. Thus, a good backend developer should be able to create a high-quality and user-friendly product.

Requirements for backend developer remote jobs

Below is the complete set of requirements for backend developer remote jobs. Depending on the role of the specialist in the company, the employer may omit or modify some points:

  • Possession of new technologies for creating progressive software
  • At least 2 years of experience as a backend developer or in a related field
  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer technology
  • Knowledge of server languages ​​and frameworks
  • High-level knowledge of programming languages
  • Proficiency in working with preprocessors
  • General ideas about providing security
  • Ability to write script
  • Experience working with different data formats
  • Knowledge of tools that allow you to automate and manage code
  • Knowledge of new technologies
  • Fast detection and correction of defects

A backend developer must have excellent communication skills, as they will work in a team with other specialists, management, and customers.

Responsibilities included in backend developer remote jobs

The key task of a backend developer is to ensure the operation of the server part of the application and the connection of the user part. These specialists also have other responsibilities:

  • Elaborate all backend elements
  • Develop code with the ability to scale
  • Combine systems
  • Test
  • Address defects and errors
  • Create optimal architecture
  • Work with databases and design
  • Manage systems
  • Plan for updates

The list of responsibilities for backend developer remote jobs may vary depending on the level of the specialist and their position.

The role of a backend developer in a company

The role of a backend developer is not limited to working on a specific product. They may also have the following responsibilities:

  • Development of a user-adapted server part of the application
  • Creation of multifunctional codes and libraries
  • Implementation of storage for databases
  • Product optimization
  • Data protection
  • Communication with the team to optimize results

The fulfillment of these duties requires the ability to analyze, attentiveness, and a positive attitude toward criticism.

What companies look for in a backend developer

Employers are looking for purposeful, ambitious specialists, so questions about plans for the future will probably be included in the interview.

If a company plans to hire a remote employee for backend development, they must know how to manage their working time and communicate with their team in a remote format.