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Remote Data Analyst jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A data analyst is a specialist who collects data, analyzes it and displays it in a finished report. It takes a lot of time to collect information because often all these manipulations are carried out manually. For example, a specialist can work from home and conduct random surveys, track the behavior of site visitors, or collect other characteristics of visitors.

Before submitting your resume for remote data analyst jobs, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the responsibilities and requirements that you may face.

Main job description

The main role of a data analyst is to evaluate completed tasks and analyze the prospects for future ones. Many companies hire three specialists at once who have competency in narrow areas, distinguish marketing, operational and financial data analysts. To get a remote data analyst job, you need to love math equations and have a passion for solving complex problems.

Data analyst remote jobs: responsibilities

The main responsibilities for work-from-home data analyst jobs are:

  1. Collect data manually or using automated systems.
  2. Provide processed data.
  3. Exclude raw information from work.
  4. Check data for errors and inaccuracies.
  5. Create a database structure.
  6. Implement your own database.
  7. Search data for patterns.
  8. Document and report on analysis.
  9. Provide information to management.
  10. Make presentations.

The number of responsibilities you will have as a data analyst will depend on the position and the level of professional qualifications. Novice specialists must perform only routine tasks, but they are unlikely to be hired online. When hiring for a remote job, companies prefer more experienced candidates. Middles and seniors can expect more duties.

Data analyst remote jobs: requirements

When searching for data analyst remote jobs, pay close attention to the list of requirements. It varies from company to company. Most often, the following skills will be necessary:

  1. 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  2. Bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology or engineering
  3. Deep knowledge of the Python programming language
  4. Extensive experience in remote work
  5. In-depth knowledge of all major database tools
  6. Ability to present visually appealing reports
  7. Technical documentation skills
  8. Excellent command of mathematical concepts necessary for calculations
  9. Proficiency with automation tools
  10. Deep knowledge of SQL

It is also important for a data analyst to be able to convey information to other team members, the manager, and the customer. After they collect data and confirm their analysis, the specialist generates reports. They must be written correctly, describe the essence of the work done, have a clear structure, and be understandable to everyone who will participate in the evaluation of the results.

Data analyst remote jobs: soft skills

In addition to technical skills, certain personal qualities will also come in handy for a remote job as a data analyst. For example, the ability to work with other specialists, a quick reaction speed, the ability to find mistakes, and a drive to develop oneself. And to work from home in any position, you need excellent time management skills, self-discipline, and the ability to make online presentations.